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v1.0.32 对于Android
3月 29, 2024
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Android 6.0+

Era da Modernidade 2 Premium - President Simulator is a geopolitical, economic and military strategy game where as the President you will have to control one of the modern countries. Are you ready to govern Russia or the USA? Maybe Afghanistan or Syria under your rule will take the place of the leader of the region? The game has no analogues on Android.

Governs the country, studies new technologies, expands its territory. Fight with other countries and prove yourself as a wise President and successful army commander! Impose your religion and ideology across the world. Your civilization needs a strong leader!


War system

It annexes states and kingdoms, leads war to raise resources and strengthen its power. Create a fleet, train an army, produce military equipment. Build airfields, arsenals, barracks and shipyards. From tasks for spies and saboteurs. Intimidate enemies with nuclear weapons. Negotiate with the separatists.


Make citizens' lives better and safer. In this you can count on support from the ministries of Health, Education, Infrastructure, Culture, Sports, Justice, etc. Make your state a tourist spot with help from the Ministry of Tourism.


Sign non-aggression pacts, trade and research agreements, defence treaties. Open embassies. Participates in the work of the UN and the Security Council, presents resolutions and imposes sanctions. Join international organizations.

Laws, Religion and Ideology

Writes laws depending on the chosen path for the development of civilization. Choose the official religion and ideology of your state.

Production and Commerce

Produce food and raw materials to make goods. Extracts resources and generates electricity. Trade with other states and kingdoms.

Taxes and Central Bank

Will you bet on production or high taxes? Cheap credits are likely to be a boost to your economy? What is your strategy, Mr President?

Pirates and Terrorists

Put the world in order and put an end to the problem of pirate and terrorist attacks once and for all!

Internal events

Disasters, epidemics, pandemics, rallies, demonstrations, economic crises: this is just a part of what you will have to face as the leader of a country.

This and much more await you in the most epic game in the military strategy genre for mobile devices! Mr. President, are you prepared to build a prosperous state? Which path will you choose? Dictator or a caring President? Your choice and strategy would be the key to the success and prosperity of the country and the entire civilization.

You can play Modern Age 2 without an Internet connection.

Benefits of the Premium version:

1. All modern countries available

2. No advertising

3. Button +100% to speed of the day

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