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v1.11.0 Android için
Tarihinde güncellendi:
Nis 20, 2024
24.4 MB
Gerekli Android:
Android 4.4+

Old Man's Journey APK is a beautiful adventure game that takes you on a journey filled with puzzles. You will manage the protagonist, an old man, to conduct on locations. Take a look at different moments of your life, which will differ from one another.

Life's precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans are explored in this soul-searching adventure.

Old Mans Jouey APK focuses on emotional experiences related to precious moments of life, broken dreams, and altered plans. In this game, you will embark on an adventure entwined with a carefree and ruthless solution to puzzles. Experience the old man's life through the beautiful episodes of his memories. Create the old man's way forward as you interact with a serene, quaint environment.

Old Man's Journey APK Features:

- A powerful and emotional narrative told only through imagery

- Gorgeously whimsical landscapes with hand-drawn art and animations

- Handcrafted, pressure-free puzzles

- Unique landscape-shaping mechanic

- A compact game experience perfect for a wanderlust-evoking escape

- Original and emotionally compelling soundtrack by SCNTFC

Over 17 International Awards, including:

- Google Play Award (USA)

- Emotional Game Award (France)

- Innovation Award (Brazil)

- Best Art Award (Japan)

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