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Program Twenty Three
v23.17 สำหรับ Android
ก.พ. 01, 2567
450 MB
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Android 5.0+

SLAM DUNK! The Ardent Story Never Dies! The National Championship is at stake!

SLAM DUNK APK is a Real-Time 3v3 Basketball game based on the Japanese anime "Slam Dunk". Produced by Toei Animation and distributed by DeNA. Watch the original story and classic scenes with the original characters. Using familiar skills like "Hua Hua Defense", "Akagi Dunk", and "Lightning Fast", you will experience each team's strength. Our competitions will ignite your passion for basketball and make you feel those touching moments. Create your own playing style and develop it!


Hanamichi Sakuragi, who had been dumped 50 times during three years in junior high school, came to Shohoku High School. One day, there was a girl calling him at the hallway, asking him: Do you like basketball?"

Sakuragi naively thought that the beautiful girl in front of him, Haruko, liked him.

Thus, and he replied without hesitation: "Yes!" Sakuragi started his basketball training since then. He looked forward to going to school together with Haruko.

However, Haruko seemed to fall in an unrequited love with a star basketball player named Kaede Rukawa since junior high. Sakurigi treated him as an opponent. Not only that, Haruko's elder brother - Takenori Akagris also the captain of the basketball team. Sakuragi's high school life is about to be caught in a huge wave.

Sakuragi met many precious teammates and opponents, and joined many drastic competitions, which allowed them to pursue their destiny together. His goal is to join national high school competition, and becomes National Champion!

Slam Dunk APK Features

Toei Animation's official license! This classic story has been completely reimagined!

Through the Story Mode, you will have access to more than ten chapters of original scenes. Observe Hanamichi Sakuragi's development as a Shohoku Basketball rookie, and reminisce about that youthful summer.

Real-time Battle! Basketball Skills: Different Ways to Develop Them!

In addition to Half-Court 3v3, you can also enjoy 1v1 Solo Match, 2v2 Duo Match, Full-Court 3v3, Full-Court 5v5. To make it even more fun, form a team with your friends!

The National Tournament has begun! Become the National Champion!

Get your friends together and start your road to championdom! Participate in the tournament of 3-minute matches. Demonstrate your basketball skills and challenge players from around the world. It's time to become the new number one!

Assemble all characters! CV in Japanese original!

The Slam Dunk characters are officially licensed by Toei Animation.

It is the birth of a basketball genius! Become the winner of the whole country!

It revives the skills of Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa, Akira Sendoh, and Shinichi Maki. Become the champion by defeating all challengers from across the country.

Battles across servers are now available! Fair Play in 3 Minutes!

Get all friend requests at once by clicking one button! Whenever and wherever you want, you can enjoy the matches with your friends. Be sure to select the Honor Division to represent your city before competing against the others.

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