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v0.1 voor Android
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mei 11, 2024
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Android 5.0+

True Love For Her APK (TLFH) is a Yandere game inspired by Yandere Simulator that doesn’t compete with the original game. This game involves murder and other methods of killing, so it is not suitable for kids. We are not responsible for any actions taken by kids replicating activities from TLFH in real life.


Kurai Hana is the protagonist, a young high schooler. Due to her lack of interaction with other kids in school since her early years, she believes she is like a ghost due to her lack of interaction with others. Then, when she started high school, things remained the same until one day she accidentally crashed into a girl named Delena. Kurai Hana realizes she is no longer a ghost after four months of talking to Delena.

Kurai Hana sees people bullying Delena as she walks through the school corridors. As a result, her goal is to rid herself of these horrible individuals each week until she can confess her love to Delena without interruption.


Kurai Hana

Kurai Hana is the main character in "True Love For Her." She has striking black hair and is relatively new to her surroundings, which means she hasn't formed any close friendships yet. However, she does have a crush on someone named "Delena." Her journey is motivated by a desire to address past grievances, and she's determined to achieve her goals no matter what. Kurai Hana also has a penchant for coordinating her hair with her outfits, reflecting her personal style. She possesses a sensitive nature, so players should be mindful of their decisions as they navigate her story.

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