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다운로드 The Last Rafts MOD APK v0.3.8 Android 용 2024

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v0.3.8 Android 용
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4 09, 2024
851 MB
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Android 5.1+

The Last Rafts APK is a resource management game in which you manage an oceanic settlement. A floating settlement begins with just three survivors and a sad wooden raft, but as you collect resources, you can build all kinds of improvements.

In The Last Rafts, you have to complete missions in order to advance in the story. The initial missions are relatively simple, such as upgrading the sleeping barracks or leveling up the water tank. As you complete missions and advance in the story, however, the objectives will become more complex and more challenging.

As you play The Last Rafts APK, you'll have access to three basic resources: wood, which you can pull from the water; gold, which you receive mainly from completing missions; and other castaways, who will gradually join your floating shelter. To build everything you need, you'll need a lot of wood. Both the initial construction and various improvements of a building require wood. You can also use gold coins to speed up any process with them.

In addition to wood and gold, you'll also need castaways to join your floating settlement. You can improve the performance of a building by assigning a crew member to it. A good mess hall and enough beds will also keep your crew happy. You won't be able to recruit new crew members otherwise.

About The Last Rafts APK

The Last Rafts APK is a resource management game with excellent graphics and a lot of content. In this game, you can build an entire city at sea, taking the traditional setting of wooden raft survival games to a whole new level.

Explore the aftermath of a colossal tsunami that has left the world torn apart, leaving you stranded at sea in this unprecedented adventure.

Experience the thrill of a survival strategy game set on the open seas. Be free of the ocean's shackles, learn how to coexist with the sea, and ascend as the new ruler.

The fury of the ocean has been unleashed in a world where the environment teeters on the brink. There are many more challenges ahead for the survivors of the cataclysmic tsunami.

Defending against ruthless sharks, surviving on limited food and freshwater, relying on flimsy rafts - all rest on your shoulders.

Are you able to guide everyone through this crisis, ensuring enough resources to endure? Prepare yourself for this monumental task!


Your role as a leader encompasses:

Assigning Roles

Delegate specific tasks to your fellow survivors – chefs, fishermen, caretakers, and more. Attend to their needs and well-being, for every developmental decision you make is intertwined with their lives.

Resource Gathering

Abundant resources drift upon the sea's surface, ripe for reuse. Beware, rivals covet these assets, and conflict is inevitable. Overcome myriad hardships and amass more resources.

Recruit Companions

You're not alone in this seafaring odyssey. Recruit companions with diverse talents and skills to chart an extended voyage.

Forge Alliances

Establish or join a like-minded alliance, joining hands with players worldwide to dominate this maritime realm.

Technological Advancement

The tsunami obliterated much of humanity's technological progress, leveling the playing field. Mastery of cutting-edge technology secures dominance over the seas!

Embark on this riveting maritime escapade now!

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