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ダウンロード Papa's Freezeria APK v1.2.4 アンドロイド用 2024

Flipline Studios
v1.2.4 アンドロイド用
5 22, 2024
39.5 MB
Android 5.0+

With Papa's Freezeria APK 2024, you can beat the heat and chill out! Make delicious frozen treats to satisfy your customers' cravings. Enjoy endless fun by playing now!

The beautiful waterfront of Calypso Island is home to your dad's cold store. Providing you with delicious cold drinks and ice cream is your job.

Choosing the right ingredients, as much as possible to satisfy the needs of customers, hot summer, a cool cool cool sundae is the best way to enjoy the game there are interesting tasks and games waiting for you!

What is Papa’s Freezeria APK?

A tropical island is the setting for Papa's Freezeria, a time-management and strategy game. In the game, your character takes a summer job at Papa Louie's ice cream shop. The shop is left without Papa Louie when he suddenly goes on vacation. Serving ice cream concoctions to a variety of customers, each with their own tastes and preferences, is the primary objective.

Features of Papa's Freezeria

Stations of different kinds

You can enjoy and learn about how different types of sundaes can be made by downloading Papa's Freezeria game. Every customer will request a different type of sundae, and you will have to prepare it accordingly. There are different types of ingredients needed to create a perfect sundae for the customer in this gameplay. You might also get some tips if you make exactly what the customer wants.

Free Playable

Since Papa's Freezeria is a compressed version of Papa's Freezeria online, this game has some really good controls as well. Papa's Freezeria for Android can be downloaded and played on any Android device, no matter how high-end or low-end it is. You can play this game by using two fingers although you can change the controls from the settings menu.

Take advantage of the latest tools

Building, mixing, and topping all require different machines in this game. Your tools will need to be upgraded as you progress through the levels, as you unlock more items. Then you should definitely download Papa's Freezeria free from this page if you want to play a cooking game. Several Challenging Closers and Food Critics will be judging your food, so be patient.

Custom made order

There are 85 different types of customers you will encounter in your store, and each will request a unique order. Initially, you will receive a small number of custom orders, but as you progress through the game, you will receive more custom orders. You will also receive more orders with time, so don't forget to learn how to make a sundae faster to advance faster. It is possible to download Papa's Freezeria unblocked anywhere in the world.

Safe & Secure

Even though this game is paid and we are providing it for free, it is still safe to use. Papa's Freezeria can be downloaded from this page without any problems and played for as long as you want. There are also hacked versions of Papa's Freezeria APK MOD available on various websites, but we do not recommend using them as they can be dangerous. You will need to download the APK from this page again if an update is released for this game.


Making ice cream in Papa's Freezeria is more than just a game; it's an engaging experience that tests your time management and strategic thinking. This game offers fun and excitement to players of all ages with its attractive design, intuitive interface, and progressively challenging gameplay. Papa's Freezeria is a delightful and rewarding way to pass the time or try to master each level.

Take your time to progress through the levels, enhancing your skills and unlocking all the features the game has to offer. Additionally, you can access game files through platforms like MediaFire, ensuring you always have the latest version available. Have fun with the sweet challenge!

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