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ダウンロード Instagram Thunder APK v16 アンドロイド用 2024

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v16 アンドロイド用
3 28, 2024
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Android 7.0+

You have come to the right place if you are looking for an advanced version of Instagram. The Instagram Thunder APK has many advanced features, including message bombing and security. All the functions that are not available in a regular app are available in this app. The texts or comments can be translated into your preferred language without using any other apps. The best feature of this app is its follower tracking, which sends you notifications whenever someone unfollows your account. Chat with your friends or followers using Instagram Thunder APK and its additional security features to hide typing and online status.

What is Instagram Thunder APK?

This is a modified version of Instagram designed to enhance the user's experience. In comparison to Instagram's basic app, this app offers many amazing features, such as auto-play videos, copying comments, downloading IGTV, and viewing other people's stories anonymously. With Instagram Thunder APK, you can enjoy an ad-free interface. Android devices running Android 6.0 and above are the only devices that can install Instagram Thunder.

Popular Features of Instagram Thunder APK:

Privacy controls include:

The privacy settings can be adjusted more easily with Instagram Thunder. All your Instagram activities can be hidden from others, along with your typing status and more. You can browse Instagram without leaving a digital trail for others when you use this feature.

Video autoplay:

Instagram's standard version of the app has default settings for playing videos. Conversely, Instagram Thunder APK gives users full control over video playback with its auto-play feature. Video can be automatically played or not. People with limited data can benefit from this feature.


The basic Instagram app contains ads, but this app offers users an ad-free experience. Ads and repeated pop-ups won't interrupt your enjoyment of your favorite content.

Media Download:

There is an in-built media downloader in the Instagram Thunder app that allows users to download all types of media from their Instagram feed. This feature allows you to save or view Instagram content offline, thus eliminating the need for third-party apps and tools to download Instagram content.

Download IGTV Videos:

IGTV videos can be downloaded to your mobile gallery with this feature. In comparison to other applications that do not support IGTV downloading, this application provides significant improvements. The feature allows you to download IGTV videos to watch later, even offline.

Anonymously view this story:

By using this feature of Instagram Thunder, you can watch others' stories anonymously. Your viewing status is hidden, and your username is not displayed in other users' story viewer lists. You can add an extra layer of security to your social media experience with this feature.

App Lock:

With the app lock feature of Instagram Thunder APK, users can improve the security of their chats and apps. You can set different types of locks, such as PIN codes and passwords, to protect your application usage.

Provides high-quality media:

Instagram Thunder APK values your content, so users can upload original-quality media files. In contrast to Instagram, this app keeps the quality of your uploaded photos, videos, or other content. The feature also ensures that your images or other media look good due to its high-quality visual content.

Translator in the app:

The application has an in-app translator that lets you translate messages or comments into your preferred language. Followers from different regions can translate their bios, captions, and comments to make them easier to understand.

Text to copy:

Copying others' bios and comments is easy. With just one click, you can gather text from anyone's profile, including captions, descriptions, and more. As a result, the process of collecting information is streamlined and the user experience is enhanced.

Photo zoomed in:

This is another amazing feature of Instagram Thunder APK that is not available in the basic version. Zooming in on others' profile images allows users to view them more closely, allowing for a more detailed view.

Alerts include:

This feature allows users to track their followers. When someone from your followers unfollows you, it sends you a notification. By tracking your social connections, you can better understand your audience.


An outstanding alternative to the regular Instagram account is Instagram Thunder APK. There are a number of impressive features not found in the official app, and they are all available for free. You can download media, zoom in on photos, maintain privacy in your stories, and much more with Instagram Thunder. Discover how it can enhance your Instagram experience.

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