Blackpink The Game Apk

ダウンロード Blackpink The Game Apk v1.0.189 アンドロイド用 2024

TakeOne Company
v1.0.189 アンドロイド用
9 05, 2023
97.7 Mb
Android 6.0+

A whole new journey with BLACKPINK

Become BLACKPINK's producer and manage your own agency, solve puzzles to clear schedules for BLACKPINK.

Customize your members with stunning outfits and play mini-games with your friends in BLACKPINK WORLD.

Features of Blackpink The Game Apk


- Become a producer and run the management of BLACKPINK!

- Level up your own BLACKPINK members through various training departments of vocal, dance, acting and more!


- Collect/level up/upgrade exclusive photo & videocards of BLACKPINK!

- A whole new type of puzzle game where you destroy blocks in one stroke!

Blackpink world

- Play real-time mini games with friends in BLACKPINK WORLD!

- A space where you can meet new friends in real-time!

- Choose from a diverse collection of 1,000 outfits to show off each BLACKPINK member's style!


- Play in adorable 3D version of the BLACKPINK members.

- Get various outfits to dress up your own BLACKPINK!

- Choose from a diverse collection of 1,000 outfits to show off each BLACKPINK member's style!


I was listening to BLACKPINK at work, thinking it was just another ordinary day.

That is, until the studio window was smashed by The Fragment of Chaos' that fell in.

A shiny fragment fell in front of me… When I stepped forward to take a closer look, a mysterious light flashed!At that moment, I lost my consciousness.

“Producer-nim! Wake up!”When I came back to my senses and opened my eyes, I saw a group of people looking at me. BLACKPINK…?

“You must be tired due to all the debut preparations. I'll introduce you to the group you'll be in charge of.”No way… I'll be the main producer of the 'rookie' group BLACKPINK?Is this a dream…? No, it's an opportunity!

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