Adobe Firefly MOD APK

ダウンロード Adobe Firefly MOD APK v2.0.5 アンドロイド用 2024

v2.0.5 アンドロイド用
5 24, 2024
70 MB
Android 5.0+

It's the new Firefly. Smarter than ever before. You can bring your ideas to life using simple text prompts and generative AI. Firefly Image 3 Model produces higher-quality images with better composition, photorealistic details, and improved mood and lighting. Using simple text prompts in over 100 languages, you can generate images, add objects, and more.

What is Adobe Firefly APK?

Firefly is a standalone generative AI web application available at Utilizing generative AI, it improves creative workflows and provides new ways to ideate, create, and communicate. Additionally, Adobe has Firefly's broader family of creative generative AI models and Firefly-powered features in its flagship apps and Adobe Stock.

Powered by the belief that people should have the ability to present their ideas exactly as they envision them, Firefly is the natural extension of Adobe's technology over the past 40 years.

Using AI generators like Firefly can enhance creativity by giving people a new way to imagine, experiment, and bring their ideas to life. As a text-to-image generator, Firefly is unique because Adobe intends to make it more than that. In addition to the tools Adobe creators know and love, we're building Firefly to include text-based editing and generating a variety of media from still images to video to 3D, as well as "creative building blocks" like brushes, vectors, textures and more.

In Firefly's future vision, creators will be able to quickly test out design variations by using everyday language and other inputs, remove distractions from photos, add elements to illustrations, alter the mood of a video, add texture to 3D objects, create digital experiences, and more — then seamlessly edit and customise their content with Firefly and other Creative Cloud tools.


New features powered by Firefly generative AI allow you to make amazing transformations in a snap. Create new graphics, unlock endless color combinations, fill in or expand images, and create dazzling text effects with just a few words.


With Generative Remove, you can remove anything with a single touch. It's so simple to get rid of distractions without leaving a trace.


Adobe Firefly's latest release improves photographic quality. With Generative Fill, you can create stunning, lifelike images.

Adobe Express

You can add, remove, or replace any part of your image with Generative Fill, the all-in-one content creation app for social posts, videos, PDFs, and more. With Text to Template, you can also generate a template from a prompt.


Create scalable vector graphics with a simple description and Text to Vector Graphic. For brand assets, social graphics, and more, make icons, patterns, and more.


It uses Adobe Firefly models that are designed to be commercially safe that allow you to create images using simple text prompts within InDesign.

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