Sushi Mascota Virtual Apk

Scaricare Sushi Mascota Virtual Apk v0.4.4 per Android 2024

v0.4.4 per Android
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set 06, 2023
64 Mb
Android richiesto:
Android 6.0+

Raise virtual pets with your friends! A new way to share time with your friends.

  • Invite your friends to raise a mini pet
  • Give love to your pets to help them grow
  • Keep the streak to see your pet evolve
  • Customize your pet environment
  • Collect coins, buy accessories, win wallpapers
  • Play mini-games with your SUSH pet

What is Sushi Mascota Virtual APK?

Sush APK is a virtual pet app available for Android devices. This app allows you to raise and care for adorable virtual pets in an interactive and customizable environment.

What makes Sushi Mascota Virtual APK really special is its focus on the social aspect, allowing you to invite your friends to raise a pet together and share the experience in real time.

Features of Sushi Mascota Virtual APK

Invite your friends to raise a mini pet

With Sushi Mascota Virtual APK, you can invite your friends to join you in the adventure of raising a mini pet. This allows everyone to collaborate in the care and growth of the pet, strengthening friendships through teamwork and communication.

Give love to your pets to help them grow

In this app, love is the key to the growth of your pets. By interacting with your pet and taking care of its needs, you give them love that helps them grow and evolve in different ways.

Keep the streak going to see your pet evolve

As you care for your pet and maintain a love streak, you'll see how it evolves into an even more adorable and unique creature. The longer you keep the streak going, the more surprises await you!

Customize your pet's environment

Sushi Mascota Virtual APK allows you to customize your pet's environment, which means that you can design the space it lives in to suit you and your friends' tastes. Let your creativity shine as you make your pet's home as welcoming as possible!

Collect coins, buy accessories, earn wallpapers

As you play, you will be able to collect coins that you can use to buy accessories and wallpapers to further customize your pet's experience. Make your pet stand out from the crowd with exclusive accessories and amazing wallpapers!

Play mini-games with your SUSH pet

Last but not least, Sushi Mascota Virtual APK offers a variety of fun mini-games that you can play with your pet.

These games not only allow you to interact with your pet in new and exciting ways, but also help you earn coins to buy those accessories and wallpapers you so desire.


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