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Broken Clock
v0.2.6 per Android
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nov 25, 2023
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Android 7.0+

Storage Hustle APK is a Simulation RPG where players attend storage auctions to purchase mysterious storage units. Inside, discover and resell many items to turn a profit. Expand your business by joining yard sales, flea markets and negotiating skillfully to maximize earnings! Become the top storage unit tycoon in this challenging entrepreneurial adventure.

Storage Hustle APK is a game where you take risks and purchase abandoned storage units containing many unknown valuables. Hop in your truck, rely on fortune and uncover the contents within the units you've acquired. While luck assists, true mastery involves skillfully marketing your discoveries for optimal profit. What do you say - are you prepared to emerge as the top trader, navigating each deal with diligence?


Join Storage Auctions

Hunt through the storage options carefully, choose the one that suits you best and purchase it! Participate in Storage Auctions if you want but be prepared for competitive bidding. Try to outbid other participants to acquire the storage unit and uncover its hidden contents.

Discover 300+ items

In storages you will discover over 300 diverse items separated into 4 distinct rarity levels and 5 distinct groupings. You have the ability to rename them as you offer them for sale and set the cost accordingly. From regular items to extraordinarily rare ones, they lie in waiting to be uncovered.

Each storage is random

Every storage unit is randomly generated, so you won't encounter the same configuration twice. With 4 distinct Storage Areas, the potential combinations are endless. Unlock these storage facilities, and with the right arrangement of items you may rise to become the most successful merchant in the settlement.

Unlock New skills

Gain knowledge by working hard, and develop your abilities. Uncover new talents and trades to simplify your journey and prosper your purse.

Tools and Upgrade

Repair damaged goods to make them desirable once more. Evaluate them carefully to determine a fair price that benefits all. Expand your skills and workshop to craft quality items. Ultimately though, your greatest asset is your talent for fair negotiation.

Upgrade your life

Increase your quality of life to cultivate the sigma entrepreneurial mindset. Invest in real estate, improve your transportation, and fully embrace each experience.

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