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apr 02, 2024
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Role Playing

Astra Knights of Veda APK is a visually stunning and story-rich 2D role-playing game. Planis is plagued by a dark plague caused by a ritual performed by the Mad King. Bringing normality back to the world depends on you and the rest of the Knights of Veda.

Death and anguish engulf the continent under the tyranny of 'Mad King' Magnus. The new 'Master of the Book' steps out into the darkness guided by Veda's wings. A grand tale of fate entwined begins when you embark on an adventure through a world filled with mystery and allure.

Due to Magnus' tyrannical rule, Planis is on the verge of oblivion. The army raised to free the masses from Magnus' madness met the event that would doom them all. Those within the deadly bloom of the giant tree of death consumed the flesh of their allies, while others turned into monstrous beasts.

Goddess Veda descended on the world, selecting a new champion who would help rid the world of its curse. In order to restore normality to the world, you and the other Knights of Veda are the only ones who can do it.

The ASTRA Knights of Veda game has impressive visuals and is an action-rpg for Android devices. You will be playing the role of a Knight of Veda, whose goal is to collect the fragments of the goddess of war, Veda.

Features of ASTRA Knights of Veda APK

Discover the world of Planis!

Explore this dark medieval fantasy world. Every corner of the globe holds deadly challenges. There are endless undead and beasts in the Nightmare, and difficult bosses await you in their Sealed Prisons. Get rewards for making your Knights of Veda stronger by fighting these monstrosities alone.

A tactical, stylish 2D combat experience

Planis' fate could be determined by a single skill, a timely dodge, or a powerful flurry of blows. Enjoy 2D side-scrolling action adventure games from the golden era.

To overcome the monstrosities that stand in your way, harness the powers of your Knights of Veda and control the Overflowing Power of the Stars. Only ASTRA: Knights of Veda can deliver such a gritty action adventure.

Stunning artwork brings to life a fantasy world

There is a dark yet enchanting art style permeating every aspect of ASTRA: Knights of Veda! Knights of Veda, intricate relics, and the overwhelmingly intimidating bosses bring the fantasy world of ASTRA: Knights of Veda to life.

Storytelling that is vivid and engaging

Explore expansive cutscenes that chronicle your epic journey! You're about to embark on an exciting journey with the Goddess Veda.

Despite fantasy's inherent brutality, it is also hauntingly beautiful. It soars beyond the boundaries of fantasy as you know it in ASTRA: Knights of Veda.

Death and anguish shroud the continent under the tyranny of 'Mad King' Magnus. Stepping out into the darkness, the new 'Master of the Book' is guided by Veda's wings. Discover a world filled with mystery and allure, and turn the pages of a grand tale of fate.

Dark adventures

A story with dark overtones is presented in ASTRA Knights of Veda. King Magnus, who was viewed as a hero, was assassinated during the assault on his castle for you. His son, Edward, is determined to defeat him, as he has become a tyrant over time. However, not everything goes according to plan. Explore the power of Veda and its fragments! The gameplay of ASTRA Knights of Veda is not complex, but the game is dark. You will have different incredible powers at your disposal, allowing you to defeat all kinds of powerful enemies in dynamic and exciting combat.

Identify your allies

As you progress through the main story, you will meet different characters who will add powers to your arsenal. Keeping in mind the resistances and weaknesses of your enemies is important, since they all have their own combat styles and elements. You can also obtain different characters through the gacha system in ASTRA Knights of Veda, although other characters will join you throughout the story. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your dream team.

Don't wait any longer and download ASTRA Knights of Veda APK today for an unforgettable adventure. Enjoy this action and role-playing game with fine details and save the world with the power of Veda. It won't disappoint you!

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