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Descargar Getaway 2 APK v1.0 para Android 2024

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v1.0 para Android
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may. 21, 2024
6.9 MB
Android requerido:
Android 7.0+

Getaway 2 Apk will take you on an adrenaline-fueled escape! In this high-stakes chase, you must outrun the police, collect coins, and avoid traffic. Increase your wanted level stars to intensify the pursuit, with barricades and spike strips awaiting your daring escape. You can upgrade your vehicle, customize your ride, and dominate the leaderboards in this heart-pounding mobile game!

With Getaway 2 Apk, you'll experience a heart-pounding, high-speed chase like no other! The objective of the game is to outlast the relentless pursuit of the police, collecting coins while evading traffic in an expansive cityscape. To ramp up the thrill and challenge, increase your wanted level stars.

The police become more determined to capture you as the chase unfolds. The police will relentlessly pursue you with flashing sirens and blinding lights, leaving no room for error. You should beware of strategically placed barricades and spike strips to prevent you from escaping. Driving skills and lightning-fast reflexes are all you need to stay ahead of the law.

Your getaway vehicle can be upgraded and powered up as you successfully evade capture. You can extend your survival time and achieve new high scores by improving your speed, handling, and equipping special gadgets. Ensure a unique and tailored ride with customization options.

Prepare yourself for stunning graphics and captivating sound effects that will immerse you in the high-speed chase. With dynamic day and night cycles, unpredictable weather conditions, and dynamic day and night cycles, your thrilling escape takes on a whole new level of realism. There is no end to the number of environments to conquer in the vast cityscape, from congested urban streets to open highways, all of which offer endless excitement.

Getaway 2 Apk gives you the thrill of evading the law in an action-packed mobile game. As the master fugitive, test your driving skills, strategize your escapes, and dominate the leaderboards. Is it possible to outsmart the police and become the ultimate getaway driver with every second counting?

Features of Getaway 2 Apk:

  1. A thrilling police chase game with intense action and high-speed escapes.
  2. While evading traffic and outrunning the relentless pursuit, collect coins.
  3. For an escalating challenge, increase your wanted level stars.
  4. Your evasion skills will be tested by strategically placed barricades and spike strips.
  5. Your getaway vehicle can be upgraded, powered up, and customized.
  6. The graphics are stunning, the sound effects are realistic, and the weather is dynamic.
  7. Experience high-speed pursuits in diverse city environments.
  8. Put your driving skills to the test and compete on the leaderboards.
  9. Inspired by Reckless Getaway 2, Getaway 2 is a police game

Get ready for the most exciting getaway of your life! Put your driving skills to the ultimate test with Getaway 2 Apk. Are you capable of outlasting the police, collecting the most coins, and becoming the ultimate master of escape? Embrace your inner fugitive and ignite your inner fugitive!

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