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Download VR Kanojo APK v3.0.2.2 for Android 2024

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v3.0.2.2 for Android
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Feb 13, 2024
35.5 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

Want to have fun with beautiful women in the game? You can download the VR Kanojo APK here, friends. Adult games are always interesting to play. Of course you have to be old enough to play it. So, this game is not for children, OK! You don't need a lot of memory or a cellphone with a lot of RAM. This game is only 15MB in size and is very easy to play. Even though it's light, VR Kanojo offers pretty cool gameplay and graphics. Playing this game continuously will not make you feel bored.

Are you increasingly curious about this adult-only simulation game, right?

About VR Kanojo APK

In this simulation game, you can hang out with a beautiful girl named Sakura Yuuhi. You can interact with it through simulating your hands in the game. This game can make many men imagine dating. The date referred to here is not an ordinary date like just going to a cafe or going for a walk. You can do more than just walk. Together with this beautiful female character, you will feel a thrilling sensation.

Carrying the concept of Virtual Reality, graphically this game promises a high-quality display. Virtual Reality games themselves have recently been played by more and more people. The Japanese atmosphere, such as the appearance of the female character, is adapted to the origin of the game. Sakura Yuuhi is depicted as a beautiful Japanese student.

You can feel his breath on your cheek and the warmth of his fingers on your arm as he laughs and talks all day long as you play this Muff APK-like game! You can even customize Sakura's appearance with a variety of different outfits. Sounds fun right? Sakura will bring you the pleasure of going on a date together. You will be brought to live with Sakura Yuuhi in four seasons.

Interested in playing it? For those of you who are adults, please go straight to the VR Kanojo APK download link.

Features of VR Kanojo APK

Also get to know the features in today's games before you play. To make the game more exciting, see the complete features below.

  • Storyline 18+: This game aims to form a mutually satisfying sensual relationship with the virtual girl.
  • Cool Graphics: Apart from the unique storyline, this game also offers 3D graphics that will spoil your eyes.
  • Free: There are no registration fees or in-game purchases. So, you can play this game for free.


Now you can go on a date together with a beautiful female character from Japan. For those of you who are adults, play and feel the sensation of VR Kanojo APK.

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