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v1.6.9 for Android
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Feb 12, 2024
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Short TV App is your personal hub for all kinds of engaging short dramas!

Check out the hottest werewolf dramas online right now!

Atticus Fawn's Unwanted Bride: The raging flame of hatred transformed him into a werewolf. His furious howl ignited a colossal war among the werewolf clan.

The Forbidden Alpha: Adea navigates the sensual mysteries of her dreams. As she encounters her persistent stepbrother Shane at Half Moon's den, intrigue ensues. The arrival of stepfather Joshua and his wife unravels hidden truths amid Shane's pursuit. There is a tale of desire, secrets, and family ties to be told.

There was something strange about this guy called Alexander Hunter that she felt an undeniable attraction to.

Which is your favorite drama produced exclusively by bosses?

The Return of CEO's Lovely Wife: She was once a beloved princess who insisted on marrying him despite the other women in his heart...

As Frieda and Darian's wedding approaches, Hubert returns from the Netherlands attempting to explain his departure, leading Gemma to distance herself from Darian while sparking his jealousy...

Short TV MOD APK Features

Discover an array of engaging short dramas and movies at Short TV APK. Bring your drama experience to new heights by immersing yourself in a diverse range of episodes.

Enjoy a tapestry of genres

Among the genres you'll find on Short TV are drama, romance, suspense, and thrilling mysteries. Get swept away in the fantasy of romance with a pretend billionaire or take part in time-travel adventures. As vast as your imagination, our collection of stories is endless!

Play mini-dramas and lose yourself in them

These short narratives will captivate you in just minutes, igniting your passion for drama like never before.

The unveiling of exclusive selections

Short TV APK presents a carefully curated selection of short plays. The episodes are carefully crafted, designed to transport you effortlessly into a multitude of imaginative realms, brimming with creativity, emotion, and depth.

On Short TV App, you'll find:

Genres of all kinds

There is something for everyone on ShortTV APK, from inspirational comebacks to enigmatic time-travel adventures, from ancient tales to modern love stories.

Customized recommendations

You can easily find shows tailored to your preferences with our smart recommendation system.

A hassle-free viewing experience

The short dramas last just minutes, making them ideal for commutes, breaks, and leisure time.

A unique collection of original content

Watch bite-sized, drama-packed original shows that will keep you coming back for more. There is never a dull moment!

Freshness without compromise

Keep up with the hottest short dramas and movies with real-time updates. Every week, find out what's new!

A One-Stop-Shop

The Short TV platform provides a unified platform that eliminates the inconvenience of switching between sources.

Brilliance in visuals

Enjoy high-quality visuals that capture every detail, creating an immersive experience.

Embrace Short TV APK as your gateway to a world of short dramas and movies, where limitless possibilities await. Immerse yourself in the drama-watching experience by downloading now and embark on an exhilarating journey through a universe of captivating short dramas!

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