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Download Sam Helper APK v2.9 for Android 2024

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Sam Helper Dev
v2.9 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 02, 2024
3.3 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Sam Helper APK is a OneUI-style Samsung toolbox application dedicated to OneUI. Sam Helper APK is recommended for everyone to download. This is a practical toolbox APK specially brought to Samsung mobile phones. Users can use this APK to perform air tightness testing and customize theme tools. The functions are very practical and occupy an area of 100,000 square meters. The size is very small.

About Sam Helper APK

Sam helper APK is a system utility app with distinctive functions. Through this app, users can not only try to modify the screen resolution, but also modify the refresh rate. In addition, it can also conduct air tightness tests. . The operation is very stable, and the theme of the mobile phone can also be modified here. What are you waiting for?

You can see the screen refresh rate! Dedicated to Samsung's professional mobile phone system hardware detection tool, Free battery management, Choose different themes and various styles, Let users experience better mobile phone service, At the same time, SAM helper App can also customize the phone beautification function, With air tightness detection, Customize the theme style and font style。 Query the content of mobile phone information and many other service items, all of which are free material sharing.

As the performance of smartphones improves, games have higher and higher requirements for mobile devices, especially the system, processor and refresh rate. Today, the editor specially brings you: the latest version of Sam helper, which is made by Coolan developer Nobel Spiral Sauce has developed a Samsung toolbox specifically for Samsung mobile phone users. The software operation interface is very simple and very convenient to use. Of course, each mobile phone has its own system, such as Xiaomi's MIUI, Meizu's Flyme, Huawei's harmonyOS, etc., and the one ui system of Samsung mobile phones is famous for its complexity and many functions.

Features of Sam Helper APK

Many Features are actually commonly used. It is used, but I don’t know where it is. The setting of each function is very complicated, so the developer’s purpose is to integrate some functions more conveniently for everyone to use. The latest version of Sam Helper not only allows users to check the basic information of Samsung mobile phones, but also can check the air tightness of the mobile phone, that is, whether the waterproof function is normal; the refresh rate of the mobile phone, that is, whether switching between applications is smooth... and there are many more Many convenient functions are waiting for you to discover. Friends who use Samsung mobile phones, don’t miss it.

  • Air tightness test: can be paused/started (convenient for screenshots), automatically calculates range, displays maximum/minimum pressure, enter from the icon at the top of the home page or the upper right corner of the About mobile interface.
  • Install custom themes and fonts: get the apk package name of the currently used theme, icon, AOD, wallpaper, query the installed apk path, etc.
  • Advanced system settings: screen mode, system file management reading and writing /Android/data/, system interface adjustment, mobile network mode, mobile network frequency band, password function.
  • Password functions include: system dump, hardware test, USB mode, firmware version, battery status, service mode
  • Lock & Labs: Integrate the functions of Good Lock and Galaxy Labs, and can sort, arrange the installed ones first, install, uninstall, and add shortcuts to the desktop by long pressing
  • View phone information: factory date, battery cycle, battery capacity, Knox status, DRM security level...etc.
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