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Jan 31, 2024
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Android 5.0+

After all the employees of Playtime Co. mysteriously vanished, players are encouraged to investigate the factory in Poppy Playtime chapter 3 APK. The protagonist discovers that the company conducted terrible experiments to create living toys as he walks along colorful corridors and avoids the dangers lurking within the facility.

For the sake of profit, orphaned children were subjected to a variety of horrifying tortures throughout the second chapter.

According to a new teaser video for the third chapter, players will explore Playcare, an orphanage within the factory, and theories are already being developed.

Under the once magical toy factory sits a decrepit orphanage known as Playcare. Solve new puzzles as you make your way through this haunted place, avoiding nightmares that lurk within. There is an answer hidden between the bloodstained bedsheets and the echoes of screaming... You may survive if you are strong enough.


It's Poppy Playtime's biggest and most terrifying chapter yet. You won't believe what lies ahead...

  • It's not just a simple toy, these new monsters are much more.
  • A gigantic, fantastical orphanage is Playtime's own Playcare. You get to explore it.
  • Upgrades to the GrabPack have been made!
  • It is possible to explore in new and creative ways with new hands.
  • It is impossible to safely explore through the red smoke without a Gas Mask.
  • It's time to reveal the answers. It's impossible to bury lies forever...

There is so much more to see, and further details will be released very soon.

There's much to look forward to in the chapter ahead... who doesn't enjoy a bit of playtime?


On the basis of the trailer, fans believe that Poppy Playtime chapter 3 will take place immediately after Poppy Playtime chapter 2. Considering the screams heard in the trailer's audio, the player character will probably use the gas mask to avoid areas with gas. Their belief is that whatever happened at Playcare ten years before the game events caused everyone to vanish at the factory.

The children could be scared by Baby Long Legs, Daisy, or Daddy Long Legs, causing them to scream and cry. The others fled and screamed because one of the characters above murdered a child.

Perhaps Elliot Ludwig was the man in the gas mask who poisoned the children with red gas, causing them to pass out, and the scientists to turn them into toys.

A small boss like Bron will be PJ Pug-a-Pillar, the huggy wuggies, and Bonzo.

A striking similarity can be found between the mask's primary colors and Poppy's. A poppy doll could have killed the dead toys near the show if it was a gas mask.

Like I said before, the devil toys prowl the entire Playtime Co. complex. Where they are, when they will appear, and where they will appear, you have no idea. Focus only on collecting VHS tapes that will help you with the build.

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