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Download Netcut Pro Apk v1.7.4 for Android 2024

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v1.7.4 for Android
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May 20, 2024
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Android 6.0+

You can block Internet access to other users on your WiFi network with NetCut APK. You'll see a list of all the devices connected to the WiFi network you're currently connected to, and all you have to do is select any device to prevent it from accessing the Web. If your device isn't rooted, then you won't be able to use all the features of NetCut.

You can use NetCut if you suspect that someone is using your WiFi without your permission. Any device can be blocked in just a few seconds. You can even see a graph showing what percentage of the connection each user is accessing. You can also rename any connection, so you can easily tell which is which (so you don't accidentally block the wrong connection).

Official's netcut for android. netcut defender built-in Require Root.

NB: For Upgrade user, please reboot your phone after upgrade. or click Exit in new version and restart. best way is to clean uninstall old version, reboot, and then install new version.

Network management app for free

Administrators can manage their networks using NetCut, an application developed by By using this app, users can detect and monitor all devices connected to their LAN and WiFi networks. In addition, it allows the host PC to manage devices, including removing them from the network. You can download and use NetCut for free, and it works with a wide range of networks. Some of its features, however, are not free.

What is NetCut APK?

The NetCut network management software gives its users a clear picture of the computers they have connected to their network. You can scan multiple adapters simultaneously to see how many machines are connected. Additionally, it retrieves information about each device detected, including its name, IP address, status, hostname, and bandwidth usage. With the IP Finder, you can pinpoint a specific device and view all its details.

Users do not have to refresh the window every time they want to monitor real-time data. Using this tool, you can see when a device connects or disconnects from your network, whether it is a router, desktop, laptop, or smartphone. In addition to monitoring, it also allows you to manage the machines connected to it. 

You can remove a device from your network using your host computer, just like you can with other network managers. This prevents unwanted users from accessing your internet data. Alternately, you can slow down a particular machine's internet speed. The MAC address can also be changed or cloned. Pro users can, however, access the latter features.

Different types of LAN can be used with the app. You can use it to manage your school LAN, your work LAN, and even your WiFi. Besides being easy to install and configure, it doesn't consume a lot of computer resources. Furthermore, NetCut Defender protects the host PC. The administrator does not need extensive knowledge to use it. It may be difficult for novices to use the app, however. You can master its full potential by using the online resources available. 

How can Android NetCut be used?

  • Detect all network users in your network, even if your phone does not have a valid IP address. With's NetCut, you can connect to any internet network.
  • Simply click on the network user to turn on/off the service for any network devices, including phones, Xboxes, softphones, PS3s, PS4s, etc.
  • By setting one of the users as a "gateway", you can cut off the network between two network users within a LAN. If you cut off the phone connection to those boxes, then you can't talk to each other, e.g., Apple TV, Google TV, Xiaomi box.
  • There is a built-in NetCut Defender. One-click on/off
  • If you cannot see any users on the network, scan the network.
  • NetCut will be able to list the types of phones.
  • If you set and remember a user's name, you will immediately recognize the user when they appear online again with you on the same network. If you long press any network user, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to input the user's name.
  • ARP spoofing is detected directly from NetCut if anyone attempts to spoof your ARP. Additionally, NetCut will immediately take the attacker offline.

What’s new in NetCut Pro APK?

  • Speed control
  • Phone user report
  • One click to limit ALL
  • Chart Report by brand
  • Search IP/Name/Brand
  • Slow scan
  • Random fake MAC
  • 3 way attack
  • Black List
  • Fast scan mode

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