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v1.2.0 for Android
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Apr 29, 2024
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Android 5.0+

A YouTube channel named ghosttundra uploaded a video about a game called "Lacey's Wardrobe", and its strange plot went viral. Although it looked like a classic dress-up game from the 2000s, it was anything but.

The show's viewers were astonished and searched the internet for clues to help them find this game, but without success. It was later revealed that this eerie game never existed, and that video was a fake created by the owner of that YouTube channel.

A fangame based on Lacey's Wardrobe is designed to recreate the analog horror of "Lacey's Wardrobe" for fans, lost media enthusiasts, and curious individuals. It includes new content, all art is recreated from scratch, and the game has permission to use ghosttundra from before release.

Game Story

Her schedule is filled with beautiful places to visit (Isn't that amazing?) because Lacey is a very sociable and active girl.

There are too many places Lacey needs to dress for, and that's too much responsibility for her to handle.

Here's where you come in! Can you choose the prettiest clothes for every occasion? Create unique moments with Lacey by dressing her up!


  • Choosing which type of shoes go with that skirt is a matter of life or death, just as love is serious. Consider each outfit carefully!
  • Why shouldn't there be multiple endings if there is a variety of clothing? Discover all 6 endings by playing non-stop!
  • Lacey loves the fact that you're playing with her!
  • Beautiful colors and spectacular ambient music make this artwork and soundtrack one of a kind.
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