Hitman Blood Money Reprisal APK

Download Hitman Blood Money Reprisal APK v1.0.1RC4 for Android 2024

v1.0.1RC4 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 03, 2024
3.06 GB
Required Android:
Android 10.0+

In "The Franchise", you are Agent 47, a trained killer caught in the crosshairs of a rival agency.

Take out the shadowy conspiracy's lethal architects while keeping a low profile with every tool at your disposal. Evade detection by infiltrating, executing, and escaping.

Incorporating gameplay improvements from later games in the series, Reprisal offers a fully customisable touchscreen interface and full gamepad support.


A Strong Execution Is Essential

Take advantage of disguise, improvisation, and ingenuity to your advantage. A sandbox mission in Blood Money encourages experimentation, creativity, and repeated play.

One Of the Best Professionals

With an arsenal of weapons that can be upgraded, you can hit hard. Kill silently, without witnesses, or manipulate the environment to engineer tragic "accidents". Payoffs are better when the hit is cleaner.

Instinct Mode Introduction

Details make the difference. A feature inspired by later HITMAN games, Instinct Mode enables stealthy kills and quick getaways - hallmarks of a professional assassin.

A Step Ahead

With an all-new Minimap, players can view 47's location in real-time, while alerts warn them when he is trespassing or arousing suspicion.

Entire Control

Touchscreen controls can be customized, gamepads can be connected, or keyboards and mice can be used. Regardless of your playstyle, complete control is always at your fingertips.

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