Fly Punch Boom APK

Download Fly Punch Boom APK v1.0 for Android 2024

v1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 01, 2024
1 GB
Required Android:
Android 7.0+

Fly Punch Boom APK allows you to fly at high speeds while smashing, smashing, and performing outrageous moves. You'll be able to smash planets in half, ram skyscrapers, whales, and asteroids into your friends' faces, and unleash over-the-top attacks.

You can experience the thrill of getting upper-cutted with such force that aliens kidnap you in Fly Punch Boom APK. Are you ready to devour your enemy and unleash a powerful fart that causes everything to explode? Wouldn't it be cool if you punched an Elvis lookalike bird until they shot into the moon's butt? All of these wild scenarios and more can be found in this game.

It supports both local and online multiplayer, allowing up to four players to engage in thrilling battles locally and two players online. Solo players can unlock unlockables and uncover secrets in the arcade mode.

What is Fly Punch Boom APK

Fly fast and smash your friends so hard that whole planets break in half. You can smash skyscrapers, whales, and asteroids into their faces, chase them, and unleash over-the-top moves on them. The joy of punching is all that matters!

Are you familiar with the experience of getting uppercut so hard that you were kidnapped by aliens?

Are you ready to digest your enemy, then fart them out so hard that everything explodes?

Are you ready to punch an Elvis lookalike bird until they shoot into the moon's butt?

Key Features

  • LOCAL and ONLINE Multiplayer, up to 4 PLAYERS local & 2 online
  • ARCADE MODE, UNLOCKABLES and SECRETS for solo players
  • DESTRUCTIBLE STAGES where everything is a trap, and everything is a weapon!
  • ANIME SUPER FIGHTS with flying smashes, deformed faces and insane special moves
  • 40+ STAGE FATALITIES: get mauled by cats, break the planet in half, or explode in the moon's butt!
  • High impact cartoon graphics that zoom from space to a character's face

Features of Fly Punch Boom APK

Punch The Universe!

Fly super fast, smash your friends through skyscrapers and break the planet with one punch!

“Dragon Ball Z, Cartoon Network and Mortal Kombat in equal measure…a refined, fun multiplayer experience.” - Fingerguns

1-4 Players Local & Online

Play with friends even if they don’t own the game, or play solo with arcade, unlockables and secrets.

“Superpowered Smash Bros – A fantastically frantic fighter that barely gives you time to think.” - Nintendo Life

Fatalities Everywhere!

interactive stages with many ways to die: get mauled by cats, break the planet in half, or explode in the moon’s butt! You can destroy everything and throw it in the enemy’s face.

Infinite Characters!

Download your favorite characters from the Steam workshop, or make your own. Choose your anime dream team and punch the world!

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