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v1.0 for Android
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Mar 20, 2024
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Android 7.0+

There are all kinds of nasties in the Demon World... The majority of them were lumped into gangs that fought for dominion, each led by its own leader. Even these bad guys can't stand up to the Demon King! Beebz, a young demon barely a thousand years old, decides it's time for her to kick every turf leader's butt and become the Demon Queen.

The ultimate version of the 3D Platformer with attitude! Join Beebz on three seperate adventures to ultimately claim the Demon Queen title! Jump, spin and punch your way across the turfs with this Expressive Platformer!


  • An aesthetic that combines the expressiveness of 2D illustrations with the depth and sense of exploration that 3D environments can offer!
  • From the protagonist's rapping to the colorful characters inhabiting the world, this world is chock-full of humor and style!
  • This is a unique take on progression! Explore previously beaten levels to discover their liberated state, with plenty of mechanical and environmental changes to discover. You can also take on sidequests and other distinct challenges in the hub town.
  • You can perform clever platforming combinations or get physical with physics-driven combat that ramps up the chaos. You can push, pull, and spin your enemies out of your way.
  • A different way to place checkpoints, allowing the player to place them wherever he or she likes. Show off without them for a perfect run, or place one before a challenging section.
  • The "Photo Hunt" mode challenges you to capture hidden locations & surprising moments! You can also take pictures and selfies for fun and share them across all social media!
  • There is an awesome collection of purchasable mods that can be combined in clever ways to completely change your playstyle. You could also buy dyes & pets instead, the world is your oyster!
  • The levels are carefully crafted to constantly challenge you and the bosses are full of character and life! As long as Beebz doesn't get to them...

It's the newest creation from the makers of Slime-san! From their 2D platformer, the team used everything they learned to create this 3D platformer.

Demon Turf: Neon Splash

Maintain a constant momentum of precision platforming through surreal worlds, filled with bright neon colors, and enjoy the intoxicating combination of 2D & 3D art! Explore and hunt collectables or knuckle-down and master satisfying mechanics to compete for the best times across the world!

  • This painting is no joke! Explore these surreal worlds, filled with bright neon colors, and enjoy the intoxicating combination of 2D & 3D art!
  • Beebz will focus on what she does best! Platforming! Maintain a constant momentum with no stopgaps or combat, it's all about the platforming that is faster & better than ever before!
  • A unique checkpoint system, tweaked to perfection! Place your own checkpoints at any time with no limit! Retreading is for losers!
  • Lots to do! Explore 10 finely crafted levels with a plethora of unique challenges and hazards that are constantly introduced to you at a record pace!
  • Setpiece levels with a fun narrative to boot! After all, Beebz didn't get sucked into the painting alone and her friends certainly are characters!
  • A ton of additional goals for you to complete, such as: Collecting all the sweets in a level, finding the hidden vinyl which unlocks 10 more remix levels & getting all the trophy times!
  • Remix levels?! You betcha! And don't be fooled, these are expertly crafted to be entirely new levels with brand new challenges! Better bring your A-game!
  • Who knows what awaits you if you complete the game 100%? We do, and it's pretty sweet, so you should do it.
  • 6 finely tuned modifications you can buy with your collectables: Sweets! Only the best of the best, such as mods that add an extra hit point, tweak or add new movesets etc. They even change your looks!
  • Leaderboards, baby! That's right, compete for the best times across the world and show off your mettle!
  • Photo Mode! Look, at this point it's mandatory and Beebz is really good at taking selfies! So snap away!
  • Settings galore! Seriously, this thing's packed with options, so customize your game the way YOU want it to be!

Demon Turf: Tower

You've been stripped of all your powers and there's only one way to regain them: Climb the Jester's impossibly high tower! Can you overcome all of the hazardous challenges and gain back your abilities, one by one? All it takes is one slip up and you'll have to start over... You'll be sweating, you'll be swearing but with each attempt you'll climb just a bit higher... And just that much closer to beating this incredibly tough challenge! Good luck, fellow demon!

  • Roguelite-lite-esque gameplay! That's a mouthful, what does that mean exactly youy ask? You HAVE to beat the tower in one run but it is NOT randomized. And the higher you get, the more powers you'll permanently unlock to help you in your next climb!
  • One huge level with no loading zones and full of new challenges, hazards and platforming goodness!
  • Ability loadout! Pick & adjust how your unlocked powers work to best fit your playstyle!
  • Any% leaderboard! It'll be tough to beat the tower, but even if you do, can you be the fastest at it?
  • Each time you retry, you'll see where you died last! *Feel* your progress!
  • A brand new story featuring characters new and old!
  • Photo Mode, of course!
  • Settings galore!
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