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Herunterladen War Thunder Mobile APK v1.6.0.71 für Android 2024

v1.6.0.71 für Android
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Mai 14, 2024
100.3 MB
Erforderliches Android:
Android 10.0+

In this new mobile PvP MMO combat game, you'll be able to fight using legendary military vehicles! Air, naval, and ground vehicles fight together on the same battlefield, just like in real battles. Gameplay in War Thunder Mobile is fast and exciting, and players are easily able to control their awesome machines of war. All ships, tanks, and aircraft in the game look and operate exactly like their real-world equivalents.

Experience dozens of authentic military vehicles from the USSR, Germany, France, Japan, and the United States (more nations will be added in the future). Enhance your ammunition types, unlock better equipment, and customize gear to increase your chances of dominating the battlefield as you progress through the game.

Choose your favorite vehicles and experiment with a lineup of machines to find what suits your play style. In the future, more and more legendary authentic military vehicles will be added to the game, including 100+ ground vehicles, warships, and aircraft. You can customize and modernize your tanks and planes to fit your style.

Battle alone or with friends to dominate the battlefield!


  • There is something unique about every battle: In addition to their own weapons, players can call for air support or artillery strikes, or hide behind smoke screens.
  • Maps of varying types: A variety of 20th century combat theaters are represented in the most dynamic and diverse battlegrounds.
  • Realistic physical damage models and stunning graphics: All devices are supported by the game. Experience eye-catching battlefields, highly detailed tank models, and explosions that send destroyed turrets flying. When you use manual graphics settings, you'll be able to strike a balance between fantastic visuals and high frames per second.
  • You can experience authentic military vehicles accurately and comfortably with War Thunder Mobile, a free online multiplayer mobile game. Get the game now and join the battle!
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