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v1.02 für Android
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Apr 24, 2024
220 MB
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Android 5.1+

Super Punch Boy APK is a Punch-Out style 2D Boxing game with the goal of defeating the female opponent before you get knocked out or fall too far into temptation.

Intense fight with the older sister in an away ring!!

A serious battle with the older sister in the ring! This time the stage is a women's prison ring...both the opponent and the referee... In a completely away environment where everyone in the audience was female except for me. A lonely battle begins! One shota fighting begins where you fight against a woman who is taller than you!

A naughty attack on the naive protagonist

The main character is confident in his skills, but when it comes to fighting girls, Unaccustomed! The enemy lady who saw through this is disgusting. Chasing the protagonist...

An insidious judgment that slowly drives the protagonist into a corner

Martial arts competitions always involve referees. However, the female referee cannot forgive the man who interferes in the women's garden. Repeating mean judgments that favor girls.

Counting speed favoritism is just the beginning. To the main character who collapsed due to buying time with color tricks From direct attacks to sabotage...

A dirty judge with a disgusting warning attacks the protagonist!

Even if you win, if you show your ulterior motives...!? "Colorful event"

Don't let your guard down even if you take down the enemy!

Depending on your choice, the prevailing situation can change... A self-destruction event where you masturbate while admiring the fallen enemy's female body. An event where the enemy is caught by surprise by a female referee's naughty trap. An event where you will be interrupted by the people around you...

I just made the wrong choice during the battle. Implementing a color scheme event that will put you in a pinch!

Only the enemies seem fun!? Battles aren't always 1v1

Some female fighters don't have any faith and think it's good to win. Some resort to dirty tricks.

Her entourage was provoked and attacked, and former rivals Teaming up and attacking Irregular matches also await the protagonist!

Recommended for people who are not good at action movies

It is equipped with various convenient functions to support playing.

  • Difficulty level selection function for people who are not good at action or who want a challenging battle
  • Recommended event skip function for those who want to play efficiently, function to mark it as cleared
  • Recommended for those who have difficulty clearing the game, a function that allows you to pay Exp and recover HP and status abnormalities.
  • Fully open save data available immediately after downloading
  • Auto operation function recommended for people who are not good at action
  • During battle, situations such as "the hero is down for the second time" or "the enemy is down for the first time"
  • Equipped with shortcut function for migration
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