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Estoty Vilnius
v1.2.1 für Android
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Apr 09, 2024
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Android 8.0+

Welcoming you to the post-apocalyptic world of the undead!

Idle Breaker MOD APK tests your survival skills against brutal zombies. A world where the cruelest creatures have destroyed peace awaits you. Life almost assimilated this place, putting it in danger of destruction. It is the zombies roaming the lands who have caused this situation in the world. You have to fight to keep your life, whether you like it or not. In combat, you will accompany a brave warrior, a girl. Although she survived the disaster, she still needs your help to protect herself.

About Idle Breaker Mod APK

Slash through everything you see, shattering windows and crumbling buildings, all while scavenging for essential resources. Prepare yourself for hordes of zombies as you unleash your inner survivor. Take advantage of crafty makeshift weapons, upgrade them, and make the undead tremble!

Your mission is to fight for your life in a world destroyed by zombies. A heroine with the ability to use guns and combat weapons will be under your control. Fighting against the undead, however, you will notice signs of life. In order to rescue survivors, you must follow their trail. The world's belief in survival in the face of disaster is held on to by you and them. In order to defeat all the undead, it would be best if you broke everything that hinders you. Prepare yourself for challenging zombie battles.

Defeat the waves of zombies protecting humanity

As a warrior, you will engage in thrilling battles for your life. Everything in your sight will be destroyed there. You must run away from waves of zombies and fight to prevent them from attacking. Since you are the only life present, they will surround you on all sides. Collect resources to gain survival capital after successfully escaping. In the face of combat challenges, they can help you maintain hope. Keep yourself safe by starting missions against the undead and destroying them.

Zombie waves to be fought

Humanity's long-standing peace has been destroyed by waves of zombies. As a result, everyone has become a zombie and the world is on the verge of destruction. However, you are the only one who can prevent yourself from being surrounded and destroyed by zombies. To survive, you must organize attacks to kill them. As a result, you have to deal with large waves of zombies. However, the most powerful zombies are the most evil bosses. With Idle Breaker MOD APK, you can take down all the world's zombies.

Resources are exchanged for power

In lands filled with survival challenges, you have begun your battle against the undead. To defeat them for life, you must own the right equipment. In areas temporarily safe from zombie waves, they can be redeemed. However, you need to collect resources while destroying them in order to get them. Materials could be found in the ruins of buildings destroyed by zombies. It is also necessary to have the necessary resources when changing weapons and equipment. Get abundant resources in exchange for the power to fight zombies by destroying them.

Idle Breaker Survive challenges

It is the fight against the undead that will give you the most thrill and excitement. At all times, you must be careful, because these are battles for your life. You fight not only for yourself, but also to save a life. In different locations, they are trying to avoid waves of pursuing zombies. To keep them safe, it is best to destroy the zombies surrounding the areas. As a result, you will have more allies to fight with in the future. Using your hero's talents and powers, fight against the undead in levels.

Do you think you're up for the challenge of escaping pursuit by defeating the undead? In order to turn you into a wandering zombie, they will surround you and attack you. Hence, you and the female warrior will be determined to destroy them and survive. You can exchange essential resources for equipment by collecting essential resources. Aside from getting power upgrade rewards from killing zombies, you will also get rewards for killing zombies. Save as many people as possible by conquering the survival challenges. Rush out from the surrounding waves of zombies and try to survive with Idle Breaker MOD APK.

Features of Idle Breaker MOD APK

The inner survivor

Experience the thrill of smashing through everything in sight, shattering windows and crumbling buildings while scavenging for vital resources. Prepare yourself for hordes of zombies as you unleash your inner survivor. Upgrade your makeshift weapons and make the undead tremble! The undead roam the post-apocalyptic world of Idle Breaker.

Explore a military base

Visit the new Military Base location and face the dangers within! A fresh location and new challenges await on this new expedition. Fend off zombies while scavenging for valuable loot. Take advantage of the rewards hidden in the Military Base by surviving it. In Idle Breaker, let your curiosity take you to new places.

Break stuff more often

You can break even more stuff if you upgrade your tool beyond level 24! Don't stop pushing the limits of your trusty smashing tool. You will be able to shatter thicker walls, demolish bigger buildings, and plow through denser hordes as you upgrade. What's the point of stopping at just windows and furniture? Rubble entire skyscrapers! Make everything in your path dust and debris.

Looting Optimization

It's now easier to find better equipment in chests on more difficult expeditions, and zombies drop more coins! By taking on greater challenges, you can make every smash count. As you clobber zombies, you'll collect coins. You will find the most powerful weapons and gear inside expedition chests to further your goals of wanton destruction. Bold people are more likely to succeed!

Make yourself unstoppable

You can unlock empowering perks by spending coins and perk boosters found during expeditions. Find more loot, become faster, and become stronger! These buffs can be combined into the ultimate zombie-smashing weapon. You'll have inhuman strength and speed, while others rely on makeshift tools. There is no barricade that can confine you, no undead that can overwhelm you. You are pushed beyond mortal limits by perks. Never stop smashing!

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