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v1.0 für Android
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Mai 11, 2024
1.1 GB
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Android 7.0+

It's a survival-based MMO with PVPVE elements where surviving isn't just a goal, it's a necessity. The enemies and monsters are out to get you, so every encounter is a potential ambush. Welcome to a world where strategy and courage are your greatest assets.

Hero's Land Game Info

In Heroes Land APK, you'll find an entertaining Match-3 puzzle along with the typical antagonistic properties of RPG games.

The unique dual-gameplay model in Heroes Land combines traditional and blockchain gameplay modes to create a balance between fun gameplay and income generation.

Travel across a continent filled with danger, where formidable monsters and fierce enemies lurk around every corner. In this brutal game of might and cunning, Heroes upgrade their weapons and gear to enhance their chances of survival. On the leaderboards, your achievements are proudly displayed, but keep an eye out for others who may try to usurp your position. It remains to be seen how you will carve out your path to survival.

Slash and hack

Outside the safety zone, there are endless resources and mobs waiting for you. Sell loot to level up fast by equipping your finest build from stash and inventory. Escape by hacking and slashing!

Hunt and Loot

With the hero of your choice, you can survive and thrive. To get epic weapons and gear, you must take on mobs and bosses. Never underestimate the possibility of PvP situations breaking out at any time.

Brutal and Brave

Upon death, heroes will lose substantial levels, and their gear and weapons will be lost on treacherous maps. Despite the risks, the riskiest zones offer the greatest rewards-the longer you last, the more you can gain. To become even more formidable in your next fight, stake it all to secure the best gear, unlock heroes, pets, and talents!

Define Your Hero

With our game's rich lineup of PVP events, including battle royales and guild wars, you'll never be bored. You can customize your inventory on the fly with a variety of weapons and gear to suit every battle twist and turn. You can outmaneuver your opponents by using unique buildings such as Boost Pads, Sentries, Traps, etc. Combine survival with destruction to create your own unique game!

Gather Your Mates

Build a guild with friends, or take part in dungeon raids and other engaging game modes. To bolster your strength and strategy on every adventure, you can bring three pets with unique skills.

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