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5.1.5 Android 용
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8 18, 2019

Eon Player Pro 5.1.5 Apk for android

To "Pro" upgrade "app, free version of the application instead of the application and then do not buy."" This version is only for users who redeem those applications which support two different versions.

Eternity audio - MP3 Player - MP3 Player Lo Pro Pack is designed to offer highly customizable and clean audio content.

Adaptive goes even further:

Eternity with Audio - MP3 Player Pro adaptive UI feature that allows audio eternity - MP3 Player plays the current track, album art is still hopeful of proto-colour background.

Adaptive widget:
Eternity audio - MP3 player to adjust the colour of the home screen currently teachers play track album includes a cover options for creating widgets.

Home screen:

Option to adapt the home screen by default contains the following sections:
Title, album, artist, playlist, genre, and folder view.
All pages in the order in which they appear in the home screen, clean or replace the option that you want to do.

Easy navigation and quick handling:

Eternity audio - MP3 Player Pro offers easy navigation, fast performance and a drop-down menu in the right format. Everything you need / where it is supposed to correct. MP3 player - there's no mess and barely any hidden or complicated menus Clean Design is one of the audio content.

Watch folder:

Eternity audio - MP3 Player Pro, you can access all your audio files with a list of all folders, audio files. Eternity audio - MP3 Player Pro is also visible in the folder hierarchy view.


Eternity audio - MP3 Player Pro offers nine preset themes (light, dark, black, transparent (glossy), midnight blue, dark brown, pitch-black, deep purple and Ubuntu) Edit Eternity audio - MP3 player owners, you are his Pro liking. Eternity audio - MP3 Player Pro Many issues as a central theme creator allows you to create you want.

Player Screen Screen:

Eternity Live - MP3 Player Pro Edition - MP3 Player Pro has two players skins (themes) and posthumous audio and other options are available, free three versions of free, you have the ability to customize the player's screen.

Standard features:

• eternal supports all popular formats such as Audio - AAC - - OG - WAV - M4A - FLAC to MP3 Player MP3 Pro
• Clean and audio designed for trouble-free content - MP3 player.
• equalizer
• Folder Filter
• Search Options
• Edit the tags.
• 12 sizes home screen widget.
• Send/lock screen controller.
• Create, edit, and listen to playlists.
• High-quality auto-download missing album art.
• Adjust the Home screen.
• quick navigation.
• eternal support for audio - MP3 Player, Android JellyBean, Android pie.
# Audio player, # EonAudioPlayerPro # MP3 player, MP3 player #Offline

Permissions explained:

Eternity audio - MP3 player does not need Pro

Please read audio files.

Download Album Art After the rescue of Ching.

Download the album cover.

In order to continue playing when the device is in sleep mode.
Awakened Castle

Clip as a ringtone.

While any type of data remain to Czech
Try to download the album before the technology combination.

Or when a new call comes in while data
Call Waiting you are running.

Coming soon:

Tablet support.

If something does not work report eternity Audio Player Pro Contacts menu.


Please note that:

• Do not encourage etarnitijha Audio - MP3 Music Download Player Pro, we do not download illegal music.
• etarnitijha Audio - MP3 Player Pro allows you to stream music."

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