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Lucid Dream Adventure 1.0.43 Apk + Mod (Unlocked) アンドロイド用

3 13, 2020

If you like mysterious adventure game point and click game, you have come to the right place.

Lucid Dream Adventure with free classic point and click, puzzle, puzzle game filled with drama and crazy. The story is filled with symbols of dark intrigue and the interpretation of dreams. Dream thriller which will take you through the living universe. Are you ready for an adventure game through each ad?

  • Indie Excellent Awards and was nominated for the award-pixel sky
  • Four free lessons, mini-games, and complete flight Room
  • Symbols and icons complete crap
  • Drug Story Mode
  • Countless secrets hidden artifacts
  • Each chapter names with its own soundtrack - great music
  • Easy handling - pockets / mobile devices
  • Complete various challenges
  • Amazing animation and HD graphics

An epic story that you will never forget:

Spooky Maze is a dream of a little girl pointing to a campaign - the main character, Lucy. He must be an adult to fight for his dying mother. Check to see if an action is to become like him. This epic tale will take you through a colorful landscape of his own destiny. During her mission a little Lucy who is facing an unusual feeling, the King of the Jungle Moon, the clock, Mr. Beaver, the scary psychiatrist Dr. Frank and many more fun characters.

Places that will enchant you:

  • To solve a puzzle in the search ungeradees with deep flat
  • Roof starred him with an odd puzzle
  • And leave the future of the planet
  • Cemetery stay evils of fees

You interact with characters:

  • Mysterious crow
  • Old Isis, Hypnos, and the stars and the real game
  • Friendly moon and Mr. Beaver in the silent era
  • Dream Evil interpreter - Oneiromenacer
  • Monkey Magic Forest

Riddles to entertain you:

  • Create discovered in the wild jungle
  • Lucy's mother had thick tear Ghost
  • Prepare for battle with the Evil Demon
  • To improve the mirror portal to find a part of the magic of glass
  • Kite throw in the dark night
  • Scary burn suppressing noise dolls
  • Discover Ancient Greece and meet God's wonders here
  • Help the flying elephant to collect magic mushrooms
  • Storm fight against psychological terror
  • See the lucid dream start Dreamcatcher

Our goal:

  • We are a small indie studio, has embraced our mission:
  • Always rich narrative background on the history and adventure game with a focus
  • If you create a free fall
  • You make the best free games,
  • To make annoying girl games and horror games, only the best quality
  • Our passion Story
  • Take the story of the game without compromise

Your story mode, start lucid dream and Lucy help a little real in our world!

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