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ダウンロード Honey Crush APK v14.4 アンドロイド用 2023

Red Dahlia Interactive
v14.4 アンドロイド用
9 22, 2023
77.4 MB
Android 5.1+

About Honey Crush APK

Manfred the pervert wizard has transported you to a strange realm and forced you to compete in The Sex Games.

Build a mighty harem by seducing all the girls you encounter.

If you lose, Manfred will turn you into a sex-starved slut and force you into his harem.

Key Features

Develop a harem of girls with unique personalities

You have a harem to help you seduce girls, but it isn't easy. Your top bitch Audrey will help you get these girls into bed once you've broken down their defenses.

An engaging story that is fully animated

Seduce girls, and they will seduce each other as you progress through The Sex Games. You will be able to woo the top girls in Manfred's harem with your sexual prowess as you travel to distant lands.

A unique puzzle mechanic

Manfred's final fight with you is just around the corner, and every date gets you that much closer.

Get your girls to send you sexy pictures

Make sure you take pictures of all the "hard" work you've put into seducing these sluts.

Your harem of girls will reward you with bonuses if you enhance your seduction abilities

Upgrade your skills to improve your character's seduction abilities. Invest in magical items to improve your girls so they can help you build up your harem.

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