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ダウンロード Girl Life APK v1.1 アンドロイド用 2023

Girl Life INC
v1.1 アンドロイド用
9 25, 2023
195 MB
Android 5.1+

In this high school adventure game, you have to complete challenging missions as a schoolgirl. Get ready for school by preparing breakfast and wearing your uniform. Prepare to go to school on time and drive to school in your favorite car. You should find your class, take a class with your favorite teacher, and stay away from school bullies.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you wanted to turn your dreams into reality quickly? Girl Life APK will be the game that answers you. The game realistically simulates a girl's life where players can do whatever they want, building their dream of wealth and prosperity.

About Girl Life APK

Girl Life APK is a real life simulation mobile game, taking players into the role of a young girl and exploring the journey of development, making a living, and building a beautiful life. With beautiful graphics, vivid sound and many attractive features, this game has attracted millions of players worldwide.

Launched by an extremely young unnamed team, the game was initially inspired by Japanese movies and then developed and created into a game for mobile phones. After its launch, the game quickly spread rapidly and began its journey to the top from there.

Create a dream life

In Girl Life Mobile, you will have to start a new life right from your teenage years. You can customize your character accordingly by choosing appearance, hairstyle, physique, outfit and style. Players will have to manage aspects of their character's life with work or love, friendship and family life.

The game offers a series of different missions and events for players to complete. You can participate in part-time jobs to earn money, participate in fun activities that include going out and shopping, and also attend parties and meet new friends. .

Expand your career and succeed

Girl Life Download allows you to choose your desired career path for as long as you want. In addition, you can choose other professions such as artist, actor, fashion designer and more. During the process of being successful and extremely wealthy, you can enjoy shopping for the things you love, owning super cars, luxury apartments, and even sparkling jewelry.

However, life is not just about money and success is enough. You also have to pay close attention to your health and emotions every day. Participate in healthy sports activities, travel everywhere and take the best care of yourself to maintain a balanced life every day.

Outstanding features in the game Girl Life Game

Girl Life Free is not only a game that simulates the life of an ordinary girl, but it also has the following notable outstanding features:

Customize your character

Allows players to customize and design their characters according to personal preferences and wishes. You can also choose your own appearance, hairstyle, outfit and style. This feature helps you create a unique character that suits each person's preferences.

Rich plot

Girl Life for Android possesses a very rich storyline and continuous updates, helping players participate in interesting and challenging situations every day. Players will have to go through life stages, from adolescence to adulthood, and moreover, players will also have to face important decisions that directly affect life.

Diverse missions and events

In Girl Life APK there will be many different missions for players to complete. From making money, working part-time, doing daily entertainment activities, meeting new friends... Each activity brings different emotions to the player.

Choose a career and succeed

Girl Life APKGosu allows you to choose the career path you want that you haven't been able to do for a long time. You can become an artist, actor, fashion designer or you want to be a successful person. Your gaming career will progress over time and it will be sustainable based on your every judgment.

Social interaction

The game allows players to interact with other players through social group features. You can make friends, join groups or in-game events. This aims to create a more vibrant and interesting community in Girl Life APK.


Girl Life APK is an extremely fun simulation game filled with diversity, allowing players to experience and explore a girl's life in the most authentic way for themselves. With beautiful graphics, many attractive features, and a rich storyline, this game has achieved many great achievements. Now, what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Girl Life APK and start your journey to freely enjoy the goodness!

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