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Colorzzle 1.24 Apk アンドロイド用

24 MB
1.24 アンドロイド用
3 24, 2020

Easy to play color puzzle

Excellent in BIC 2018 CASUAL

Grand Prize Winner at the 2017 Indie Game Competition in Seongnam

'Colorzzle' is a puzzle game that matches colors.

If you have the same color, the trees and flowers will thrive.

If you let all the trees and flowers grow, the stage is free!

There are over 100 beautiful stages.

  • It's easy to get started, but it will be difficult.
  • You have to mix colors to get different colors.
  • Adjust colors to grow trees and flowers.

That's what I wanted at least with this game.

Feel the peace through a simple game.

This is the first work of Darong Studios.

Darong Studios includes a couple and a baby


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