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Pazu Games
v1.12 per Android
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feb 06, 2023
115 Mb
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Android 6.0+

Avatar World Game is a cute app designed for kids. One of the unique features of Avatar World games is the capability to create the characters of your choice. You can have complete freedom of the action. If you're creative and enjoy building, develop something new, you'll surely enjoy the game. The game's creators have gathered all the universes of the universe into one game and offered players with an almost endless number of options. An array of pets, characters, food items, and much more that you can interact however you'd want. Over 80 vibrant places, 40 characters and more than 150 pets await you. Explore the world, make new friends and play range of mini-games and unlock rewards, and enjoy pleasant surprise. If you're seeking other ideas for kids, you should be sure to check out Fruitsies and the Merge plants 3D-Garden Defence.

About Avatar World Game Mod Apk

Have you ever thought of creating and decorating your own personal cartoon character? With this brand-new Avatar maker dress-up game for boys and girls A magical world in which you can create and fulfill every style that pops into your thoughts! Play with a new kawaii-inspired avatar maker that includes a wide range of accessories that allow an endless variety of styles.

Create a replica of yourself or create your most loved anime character. It's your choice! Select your preferred hairstyle and personalize the color. Select the skin color from a myriad of colors. Decide the facial expression your avatar's going to display, then select the mouth, eyes, and eyebrows of your cute avatar.

Alongside making your own avatar You can also decorate your home with lots of items. Make your dream of designing your own room become reality! You can pick your furniture, and then decorate it with various items.

1. You can select either a girl or boy avatar to begin your cartoon character personalization

2. Many cute personalized hairstyles, faces and expressions with various features lets you create your own distinctive cartoon characters

3. Create different expressions on your avatar by using different designs of eyes, eyebrows and mouth

4. The hair color, skin color, as well as the color of clothing can be changed to create a an individual appearance that will show off your creativity and style

5. Many accessories are available: masks, glasses, hats, hairpins and headwear and wings, horns and tails that make your fashion unique

Features of Avatar World Game Mod Apk

Avatar World belongs to the category of Sandboxes. You will be able to amuse yourself.

Create a character

Avatar World offers many opportunities for users to learn to appreciate in the company amusing and humorous characters. Create a replica of yourself or create your favourite anime character. To accomplish it, this game offers numerous customization options that you won't find in the most advanced role-playing games. But, you can also utilize pre-made heroes already included in the game. This option is for those who aren't keen to put too much effort into creating their own character and would like to get started immediately.

Make sure to decorate the rooms interior.

Avatar World's gameplay Avatar World is extremely simple. It involves exploration, travel and home improvements. Once you've created a hero's story in your own life, you may explore different cities. Visit local stores as well as cinemas, restaurants hairdressers and many other establishments. You can collect items that will be beneficial to you in your daily life. Purchase items for cooking. With the help of his imagination, the participant can create, take part in and avoid various scenarios.

Take a stroll through some back roads, picking up trash to keep the city more clean. Help the vendor arrange the merchandise in the display. Watch TV, play ball or try a new clothes in the boutique. You can become a hairdresser by changing the appearance of guests. Make delicious meals of Italian, Japanese, American and Mexican food styles. You can become almost any.

A near total freedom of action

Every gamer knows an experience as Sims. Sims delighted millions of gamers from all ages by giving them the possibility of feeling like another person in the real world. Mobile applications embraced the concept, and over time, a variety of similar apps were created. If you are looking for something unique and unique in this category it is best to choose an application like the Avatar World application. You will feel like you are a part of the world you've always dreamed of and complete household chores. Learn at school, adopt an adorable pet, or start an enterprise of your own. Adults too will have fun here.

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