WorldBox 0.21.0 Mod Apk APK

Download WorldBox 0.21.0 Mod Apk v0.21.0 for Android 2023

App By:
Maxim Karpenko
v0.21.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 17, 2023
100 Mb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

Maxim Karpenko, better known as Maximus, created the sandbox-style god simulator game WorldBox for iOS, Android, and PC. Players can build and control their own virtual worlds filled with a variety of individuals and creatures, then observe them develop through time.

In WorldBox, users can spawn and command a variety of creatures, including humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, dragons, and even Godzilla. They can also design their own civilizations, replete with structures, innovations, and battles. With no set aims or goals, the game's open-ended gameplay encourages experimentation and scenario exploration.

The gameplay in WorldBox is renowned for being extremely interactive, dynamic, and featuring accurate physics, Intelligence, and destruction algorithms. Players share their creations and experiences with the game on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter, where the game has amassed a sizable fan base. With a large number of fan-made mods and customised material accessible for download, the game also has a significant modding community.


Players in WorldBox have total power over the virtual world and its inhabitants because the game's gameplay is built on the idea of a sandbox-style god simulator. Here are a few of the main aspects of WorldBox gameplay:

  • Gamers can design their own virtual worlds with various landscapes, climatic conditions, and ecosystems. Moreover, they have the ability to create and command a variety of beings, including people, animals, and legendary monsters.
  • Realistic weather features, such as rain, snow, thunderstorms, and hurricanes, are present in the game's dynamic world. Natural catastrophes like earthquakes, floods, and meteor attacks are also within the hands of the players.
  • Creating Civilizations: Gamers can assist their creatures in creating their own civilizations, complete with structures, industries, and economies. They have the power to start wars and conflicts between other civilizations, as well as to govern the expansion and advancement of their own civilizations.
  • Evolution and genetics: The game also has a genetics system that enables players to mix various genes and attributes to create new creatures and species. During time, creatures can also change and adapt to their surroundings.
  • Realistic Physics: The game has a realistic physics engine that makes it possible for things and creatures to interact in ways that are true to life. For instance, creatures might collide, structures can fall, and fires can spread.
  • The game has a large fan-made mod and custom content community, and many of these are accessible for download. With their own textures and skins, players can further alter the appearance of their landscapes, creatures, and civilizations.
  • The WorldBox experience is all around very interactive, dynamic, and open-ended, letting users experiment and explore various scenarios and opportunities.

Features of WorldBox Apk

The WorldBox game distinguishes itself from other sandbox games with a number of special features. Following are some of WorldBox's standout characteristics:

  1. There are no predetermined objectives or goals for players to achieve in WorldBox because of its open-ended gameplay. Instead, individuals are free to design and manage their own virtual worlds, experiment with various organisms, and track the development of those creatures through time.
  2. Realistic physics and destruction: The game has a very realistic physics engine, thus the behaviour of the creatures and items is accurate. Due to the ability to spawn natural disasters, alter weather patterns, and view structures crumble in real time, this enables extremely involved gameplay.
  3. WorldBox is a genetics system that enables users to combine and rearrange various qualities and genes to produce new species. This makes the game more complex and encourages greater innovation and exploration.
  4. Environment that changes over time: The game's environment changes over time and has realistic weather patterns, natural disasters, and seasons. This implies that the gaming environment is dynamic and ever-evolving, which enhances the entire gameplay experience.
  5. Modification and customization: WorldBox features a vibrant modding scene, allowing users to add their own mods and skins to further personalise their gaming experience. By doing so, gamers can personalise the experience to suit their interests and make worlds and scenarios that are even more distinctive.
  6. Real-time artificial intelligence (AI): In the game, objects and creatures function realistically and respond to their surroundings instantly. This heightens the game's general sense of immersion and realism.

WorldBox is a sandbox game that provides players with a great deal of creative freedom and versatility overall. It is a notable game in its category thanks to its open-ended gameplay, realistic physics and destruction, genetic system, dynamic environment, customization and modding opportunities, and real-time Intelligence.


In conclusion, WorldBox is a really inventive and distinctive sandbox-style god simulator game that enables users to design and control their own virtual worlds that are populated with various beings and creatures. WorldBox provides players with a tremendous amount of creative freedom and flexibility to experiment and explore various scenarios and possibilities thanks to its open-ended gameplay, realistic physics and destruction, genetic system, dynamic environment, customization and modding options, and real-time AI. Because to the game's robust modding community and widespread social media popularity, there is always something fresh and intriguing to uncover in the game. All things considered, WorldBox is a game that everyone who appreciates sandbox-style games and wants to feel the rush of playing god in their own virtual world must play.

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