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Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 1 Apk for Android

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Updated On:
Mar 15, 2020

Experience the life of our most real wolves in the sequel to the most famous animal simulator ever! Discover the wild world with amazingly real plants and animals. Meet and live with other wolves in the jungle, feed your family, look for food and be the strongest wolf in the world!

HYPER unrealistic simulation

The forest has never lived much! Discover and hunt in the grand world we have ever created to quench the thirst and hunger of our wolves!

New Alert System

Sneak into the jungle to warn the animals around and give you a heads up to try to save them! Animal AI is smarter and faster than ever!

New battery system

The ubiquitous Dodge system brings new skills to your combat! Respond quickly to dodge and attack your opponents to avoid damage!

New connection system

Build deep relationships with your wolf through new relationships and personality systems. Your pack recognizes the brave and caring tasks that change the relationship between wolves. Get the wolf hunting bonus together!


There are wolves in the pack in the tan! Look for friendly wolves and pass on your challenges to being included in your pack! Play as your new wolf to help improve their relationships with other family members!

Baby and Teen Wow

A new era makes your puppy more real! Breed wolf chicks who grow up and eventually become full members of their clan!

New arrangement

Introduce advanced animal customization options to improve your wolf appearance! Physical characteristics like size and ear shape strengthen the personality of the wolf!

Win the spirits of the forest

Challenge the four primitive souls of the jungle to battle at the EPIC level! Jump on the lava waves, dodge the big stones, and resist the icy winds in your reflexes and the hardest tests of your time!

UPGRADE status and skills

Experience and upgrade your wolf to unlock status bonuses and unique skills! Skills provide specialized wolf skills such as healing, persecution, and combat power!

New Dan Crafting

Collect ingredients to decorate and upgrade your caves and improve the life of your wolf! Construction fauna can guarantee your backpack for a delicious breakfast in the morning!

Worldwide landscape

At the player's request, we looked at procedural plants and instead assigned you every blade of grass and shrub to the world to explore a more detailed, targeted world!

Real weather and natural cycles

With our new seasonal cycle, the colors of the forest are changing before your eyes. The snow gathers on the ground, the rain shines and the change in different climates ensures the maximum reality.

Aimes is widely used

Discover the new wildlife of the jungle! AI and animation-specific action trees in combination with species improvement allow you to immerse yourself in today's most expansive world. Track animals such as foxes, deer, crocodiles, bears, pigs, snakes, fish, crows, elk, sheep, raccoons, rats and of course wolves!

Next-generation advanced graphics

Introducing AAA PC Quality Graphics in Mobile Simulator! With carefully transformed models and textures, we have managed to achieve an unmatched level of visual quality!

Optional good effect

If you are an adult or your parents have permission, turn on the effect of blood for more reality!

Gluten-free promise

With all our games, you always get the perfect game without ads or additional purchases!

Download Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 to prove that you can survive in the form of wild wolves in a whole new simulation!

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