Static Shift Racing Mod APK APK

Download Static Shift Racing Mod APK v53.1.0 for Android 2023

App By:
Timbo Jimbo
v53.1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 13, 2023
47 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

With Static Shift Racing Mod APK, you can become a real street racer in a new racing game from Timbo Jimbo. Make your vehicle the fastest and most powerful and win races. Enjoy colorful and detailed graphics while achieving success in a big city. Buy the best parts with our unlimited money mod. Meet real players on the city streets and take part in different races. Become the best and most famous racer ever by participating in circle and sprint races. Share your collection of supercars by collecting all the models the game offers. You can become the real underground king. 

About Static Shift Racing Mod APK

Take your ride to the streets to show off your metal on the pavement by customizing it with an endless number of customization options. Race against real players in an open world!

Get Your Car Modified

Static Shift Racing is all about car customization. You can build and drive the car of your dreams with its extensive modification options.

  • Hundreds of unique modifications are available, including rims, bumpers, side skirts, full-body kits, spoilers, hoods, and more.
  • Get a custom paint job for your car.
  • You can enhance your car's stance by adjusting suspension and camber.
  • Boost your car's performance and dominate your competitors with upgrades.

A World Of Openness

Explore the streets of Static Nation, an open world playground with multiple thriving districts. Explore sweeping highways, race through dirty industrial zones, and drift through forested mountain passes. Static Nation will soon expand its city limits as additional districts are added.

Real Rivals In Race

You'll compete against real opponents in nail-biting races to prove your driving skills and earn exciting rewards:

  • Circuit races at high speeds
  • Sprint races are all about going all out
  • Drift Sprints will test your drifting skills
  • Score the highest in Drift Attack
  • Marker Hunt: Come in clutch

The challenges

You can test your driving ability in a variety of challenges around the world, from drifting challenges to time trials. With its unique mix of activities, Static Shift Racing is sure to keep you entertained.

List Of Growing Cars

The list of cars available through Static Shift Racing is ever-expanding. Discover legendary cars from the 80s and 90s and drive them to the limit. It is possible to customize each car in hundreds of ways, allowing you to create a truly unique vehicle. We will be adding new cars to the game in the near future, so stay tuned.

Awesome Graphics

You will experience an unrivaled mobile gaming experience with Static Shift Racing's stunning graphics. Experience true-to-life car visuals on your mobile device as you drift, drive, and race through an open world.

Support for controllers

Controllers are supported in Static Shift Racing! You can try it out by connecting your controller. The controller is not supported in the menus and is solely for driving. You can dominate with peripherals if you get out there and use them!

Are you ready to become the ultimate underground street racing KING? Find out when you get behind the wheel! Static Shift Racing is now available for free download!


The graphics and sound in Static Shift Racing are on par with console games. Read our review to learn more about the gameplay features.

Take a tour of this huge city

Many users are attracted to street racing because of its style. The genre was popularized by movies such as Fast and Furious. In many games, developers have attempted to recreate something similar, but often they have failed. Static Shift Racing's authors also tried it. On this location, there is an open world with a variety of territories.

You'll travel through city blocks, private sectors, forest belts, and summer cottages more than once. There is also free riding in addition to racing. The excellent graphics can therefore be fully enjoyed. As a general rule, the whole world is open, so you can go anywhere you want.

Play a variety of game modes

How does the gameplay itself compare? For fans of the same NFS, this is quite familiar. On the map, different races are available - the icons indicate what type of race it is. You can start the match there. As a result of the results, you will receive one or more amounts of game currency. Ring races, sprints, and drifting are all part of the action. There will be tests scattered throughout the city, so you can start them whenever you are ready. You can now play the game on your Android device in a similar way to Need for Speed.

Options for tuning

With in-game currency, you can already purchase new cars and parts. Static Shift Racing has an excellent tuning system. In addition to speeding up the car, new engines also change its weight, which affects its performance. The hood or fender must be painted separately if they are changed, since parts of the car's color may not be present. Parts changes can affect ride characteristics, but cosmetic changes are also possible. Additionally, there are many cars available in the game, and the fleet is likely to grow in the future.

Graphics at console level

The famous Unity engine was used to create Static Shift Racing. Graphics are of high quality. Additionally, there are disadvantages, which can be expressed in the need for good optimization. When playing at high graphics settings, even advanced devices get very hot.

It's just amazing how good the graphics are! As well as the quality of the drawing, we would like to draw attention to the lighting system. A lot of light is emitted from the headlights and headlights. The map is also impressive. The game uses a satellite image format, which allows players to zoom in and out. There is a lot of style in all of this.

Mod Features

The Static Shift Racing mod APK offers an unlimited amount of money so that you can be the first and get ahead of your opponents.

Testing of mods

Static Shift Racing is a racing simulator with a huge fleet of cars, a story campaign, a variety of modes and challenges, stunning graphics, and realistic physics. Travel all over the world, race without rules, or compete for the title of the best racer with other players. A variety of development paths and modes are available in these exciting races. Get allies and fight your opponents in street races as you progress through the storyline. Are you interested in racing against real players? Racing against racers from around the world is waiting for you in multiplayer races.

Whether it's classic pickups or modern hypercars, racing fans will find something to their liking in the fleet. Among the locations you will find the deserts of Texas, the south of France, distant Australia, and others. Despite being on the same tracks, the day and night change, so you get a different driving experience.

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