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Download ProCCD Premium Apk v1.7.3 for Android 2023

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v1.7.3 for Android
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Jan 23, 2023
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Android 6.0+

ProCCD Premium APK is a free application for Android users. A professional camera app for your Android phone that lets you take photos and videos with different effects, including HDR, Vignette, Film, and Art. Various products are available for enhancing images, and editing tools are available for editing photos.

ProCCD APK allows you to take photos and videos. Additionally, you can edit your photos and videos. There are a variety of filters, effects, and frames available in the App. Photos and videos can also be enhanced with different effects.

What Is ProCCD Premium APK?

ProCCD Premium is a great app for taking photos and videos. The quality of your pictures and videos is excellent. Additionally, the App has several features that allow you to take high-quality photos and videos. This camera app offers several features. The following modes are available: HDR, Super Zoom, Panorama, Timelapse, and Burst Mode. By using the grid option, you can also take the best picture. It is even possible to take photos or videos with different effects such as black and white, sepia, and color.

ProCCD is a powerful camera app with a simple interface. You can take high-quality photos and videos with this app. The app has a number of features that make it an excellent camera app for taking pictures and videos. The App allows you to take photos and videos in different modes. Several modes are available, including HDR, Panorama, Square, and more. You can also pick the best shot with the app.

ProCCD is a digital camera analog application. Our goal is to restore the most authentic shooting experience by carefully reproducing the classic appearance of CCD digital cameras and the unique interface of the pixel style, paired with vintage filter effects inspired by CCD cameras. As well as importing and editing photos and videos, it can also serve as a photo and video editor.

Chic cam & 90s vibe aesthetic editing app

- Z30: Rich colors & lofi quality make it suitable for a variety of scenes.

- DCR: A tribute to the retro vhs camcorder, lofi quality, with a grayish tone & VHS effect, especially suitable for recording daily fragments.

- IXUS95: The color is slightly greenish when the light is dark, with a disposable camera feel.

- U300: The cool, transparent blue-green tones give the photos a melancholy film atmosphere, with excellent color performance for scenes such as seawater and sky.

- M532: Low color saturation and slight fading effect give photos a nostalgic prequel vibe. Suitable for portraits and outdoor shooting on sunny days.

- New cameras for foodies and Dazz cam will be released! Take you back to 1988. The 80s & 2000s Y2k aesthetic fashion style is ready for you.

Professional features that unleash creativity

- Record videos with lomography oldroll filters, dsco inst sqc and light leaks. HD quality like raw camera is available.

- Fully adjustable camera parameters such as ISO, exposure compensation, and color saturation. White balance and shutter speed are also available. You can create a dazz VHS style picture with grain filter, blur, and vignette, make photo vintage.

- Trendy effects: snowflakes, Kira, light leaks, rainbow, filters, dv frame, and other dazz effects for you to choose from.

- Classic timestamp to present the nostalgic feel. Various dispo styles are available. You can also customize the date as you like.

- The viewfinder previews the effect in real-time, what you see is what you get.

- Turn on the flash to record your perfect moment.

- Support timed shooting and flip lens.

- Choose unique photo filters and frames to add a vintage film look to your content in the white album.

- Collage layouts and story templates for any mood and aesthetic in different shapes and styles, and make creative d3d stories.

Advanced Editing Tools

- Batch import pics & videos. Add nomo aesthetics filters to present polaroid feel with one click.

- Crop videos to different ratios and trim your videos.

- Record 35mm sweet filmm with photo timer, use lens buddy to take a selfie.

Whether you are a disposable camera lover or a polaroid lover, we recommend you try CCD digital camera now. Record those wonderful moments with ProCCD!

What Are Premium Features Of ProCCD APK?

Real-Time Effects

The ProCCD Pro mod lets you experience Minecraft's most immersive and realistic version. There is real-time lighting, shadows, particles, weather effects, grass, and leaves swaying in the wind. These effects will be available on your mobile device.

Camera parameters are 100% adaptable

You can capture the perfect picture in any lighting condition with ProCCD Premium APK. The camera on your smartphone can also be used to take a photo. You don't need to change anything; the camera will adjust itself to match the brightness of your surroundings.

Proficient User Settings

For achieving excellent results, the camcorder app has many options. There are many settings you can adjust in the App to achieve outstanding results. Below is a list of some of these settings.

The video bitrate determines the quality of the video recording. Generally speaking, the higher the value, the better the quality of the video recording.

Interval between screenshots: This setting determines how many screenshots you will take each time. You will take more screenshots if the value is higher.

A colour correction matrix reduces red, green, blue, and cyan light by covering the lens with a colour filter.

The definitive timestamp

Adding a timestamp to your photos and videos is a unique feature of Definitive Timestamp. It is useful because it shows when you took your pictures and videos. By default, the time is set to "Now". In the settings tab, you can change this time. Organizing your photos and videos is made easier with this feature.

Templates & Arrangements for Collages

With the Photo Editor, you can add text, symbols, borders, or frames to your photos & videos. A variety of layouts and templates are available. With just a tap, you can change the design & template of your photos & videos. Additionally, you can apply different effects to your photos and videos.

There are tons of filters

You can apply some filters to your images quickly with this new feature. In addition to blur, vignette, sepia, desaturation, contrast, noise reduction, posterizing, and embossing, you can also use various effects on your images. Among the many filters available are vintage, pink, antique, retro, cartoon, grunge, monochrome, blue-green, golden hour, sepia, smoke, grey, black and white, among others.

Video Trimming

You can easily trim your videos to make them shorter with this new feature. You can customize the length of your videos. With the help of this feature, you can even create a custom video length. By setting the starting and ending times, you can trim your videos. This is a great way to make your videos look more professional. Depending on the theme of your video, you can choose its duration. Video formats supported by the App include MP4, H.264, AVI, MOV, WAV, FLV, and 3GP.

Resulting in Ultra HD quality

With this tool, you can edit videos and images in HD quality. You can create professional-looking videos and pictures with this program. Video trimming is possible with this application.

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