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v1.20.68 for Android
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Sep 13, 2023
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Android 7.0+

The faith you have in a forgotten world like Overlewd cannot be broken. When we step into magic, it makes perfect sense to make this shift. The dark side can be reached through a unique path. Discover your darkest self and summon it. You can use this power to side with your teammates and win. It is not always good to be righteous; there must be a balance. It is possible for anyone to change their history if they are strong and patient enough. Furthermore, we are entirely free to go wherever we want. Build the aura by finding the absolute truth.

Simple turn-based combat is perhaps the simplest for us. Here, you can't use any manipulator skills. That's what makes this game so interesting. There seems to have been a significant improvement in tactical calculation. The power of 3v3 isn't as dull as we think. A beautifully created fantasy world is also included. Immerse yourself in endless adventures. Write a new history about a hero who has more qualities than humans. All creatures in this dark world will be covered in darkness because of you.

What is Overlewd APK

Your new favorite adult adventure starts with a gorgeous dark fantasy journey full of lewd personalities, spicy relationships, and stunning turn-based battles.

Overlewd is a smutty adventure for cultured people. You'll be taken on a journey through all the fan-favorite dark fantasy tropes with a spicy twist. Join a rich world of battles and horny beauties eager to please and be pleased, combined with humorous storytelling.

Key Features

Engage in Intense 3v3 RPG battler

This is a 3v3 turn-based RPG battler that everyone can enjoy. As you control battles with ultimate spells and strategic targeting, you'll be kept entertained with stylish and lewd animations.

Follow along on your journey to catch all those hotties with frequent content updates as you manage your castle like the prince of darkness that you are!

Gather an Army of Femme Fatales

All vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, and angels are eager to serve in a lewd manner! Take your army into your lordly chambers and make them do your bidding! Explore the matriarchs' stories and how they can assist you in achieving your strategic and lewd goals. Chat, build relationships, get good at romancing them, and get very intimate with them to buff yourself up.

Dark fantasies and Action-Packed Fun

Explore different worlds and meet interdimensional hotties!

Give them a helping hand, earn the right to bed them, and watch their spicy memories. If you know what I mean, you can be sure that your guests will return your kindness if you treat them well.

Immerse Yourself in Spactacular Art

A rich art style reminiscent of dark dungeons and the Greek underworld will delight your eyes and fulfill all your desires!

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