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v0.1.6 for Android
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Jan 21, 2023
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Android 6.0+

Lately, many gamers like to play pixel games in the midst of sophisticated game technology, and one of the games they are hunting for is this learn the heart apk mod. For that, for those of you who are curious and want to know more details about the information, we will provide a review for you.

As we said earlier, the development of game technology has developed rapidly, where now you can find many games with sophisticated features accompanied by realistic graphics and gameplay.

However, not all gamers like this, because many of them are now getting bored with the games that currently exist and are looking for games that are anti-mainstream.

Usually, if they get bored, they look for unique games, such as the pixel genre that has recently spread. There are already many pixel genre games that you can download on the Play Store and App Store.

And this time we will discuss in full about this learn the head APK Mod game information for you, which game is very viral because there are several content creators who upload video content when they play this one game.

About Game Learn The Heart Apk

Learn The Heart apk mod is a modified version of the game with the theme of the pixel genre, in this game you will be presented with gameplay that is very unique and different from most games.

And for the gameplay itself, you will be invited to do a simulation when you like one of the girls or boys you are targeting, so in this game you will simulate approaching it to a more serious level.

Of course, for those of you singles who want to have a partner, if you want to play the learn the heart apk game, this will be perfect for you. Because you can imitate How to attract a partner to become our partner.

Where you will be taught how to treat the people you care about so they love us more, I'm sure you will really enjoy the gameplay and storyline of this game.

It's just that if you use the regular version then you need to top up to buy the items contained in the game. It's different if you use this learn the heart apk mod on your device because you can use all the features without having to buy it first.

Features of Learn The Heart Mod Apk

For those of you who like games that are free without the need to spend money, playing the game learn the heart mod apk is quite recommended for you. However, before you play the game, you need to know the features embedded in the game.

And we have prepared a review of these features for you and we will review them in detail as possible so that you can understand them clearly. So you can determine whether you want to continue using this game learn the heart apk or not, and here's the review.

1. Unlimited Money

The first feature that you immediately get is the learn the heart apk mod unlimited money feature. With this one feature, now you can freely buy whatever items are needed for you to give to your partner.

By getting lots of items such as food necklaces and so on, you can freely give to your partner so that your partner will love your character even more.

2. Unlock All Items

The next feature is that you have the opportunity to use the learn the heart apk feature to unlock all items, so now you can get all the items in the game for free without having to buy them first.

And now you don't need to top up the in-game currency anymore, because all the items available are now available and you can choose.

3. Unlimited Hearts

A feature that you won't find in the original version is learn the heart unlimited heart apk, where in this game if you want to make a female character your lover then you need to make a heart icon or the woman's heart is full.

Then to do this, of course, you need to give, but if you use the mod version, the woman's heart icon is full and you will get 3 partners at once.

4. Offline

You need to know that this learn the heart apk is an offline game, which when playing this game on your device, you don't need internet quota on your smartphone, so you can save your quota.

5. No Ads

Because this is an offline game, you will not find ads in this learn the heart apk mod no ads game. Of course this will really help you because now you only need to play the game without being disturbed by advertisements that will cover the screen.

So, now you know the features contained in this learn the heart. And because you can't find this game on the Playstore, many of them have trouble getting the game.

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