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v0. 0. 5 for Android
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Nov 18, 2023
395 MB
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Android 5.1+

"Honey Village APK" is set in a fantasy world and features various races. Standing pictures of characters will be prepared for each race. In addition, we plan to have different body shapes such as loli type, big breasts, slender and chubby.

Honey Village APK is based on the engine developed in "A Town Living with Demons" with improvements. We plan to add new features while keeping the basic functionality, but first we are redesigning the UI.

In the new "Honey Village", the field characters will also be renewed!

The races that will appear are currently under consideration, but in order to reduce man-hours, we plan to reduce the number of costumes and increase the number of races and sex scenes.

In the previous game, it was completely side-scrolling, but this time you can add up and down movement to create the depth of the map. There are several towns in the world, and each town is home to a race. Recently, we are working on "Fairy" and "Elf", and we plan to introduce hostile races along the way.

Creation of a new race "Orcs"

This week we were working on a new race: the Orcs. There will also be many friendly races like "Fairies" and "Elves", but the orcs will be one of the hostile races. The hostile races will attack you as soon as they see you, so let's take revenge!

As for the enemies, I'm thinking of creating a more monster-looking race. In addition, we will proceed with the production of the SEX scene this month.

Production of main and sub-events

Now that we have a certain foundation for the characters, we are proceeding with the production of the event. First of all, we plan to introduce the story and add the fairy village "Fairy Chuari"

As with "A Town Living with Demons", there are also randomly generated mob characters. Also, like last time, it will be a work to make a large amount of differences such as faces, hair, etc., but we will steadily proceed with the production ...!

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