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Gun Rider 1.5 Apk + Mod (a lot of money) for Android

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1.5 for Android
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Sep 15, 2019

Gun Rider 1.5 Apk + Mod (a lot of money) for android

Gun Rider apkkit  for Android with direct links to download the APK + MOD + Data last edition (lots of money)

Adventure Race Take shotgun rider heroic mission, such as truck racing game and enjoy the 3D scenes that will guide you through the action.

In the near future, a deadly plague that will destroy 99% of the Earth's population. Latest humans exist, hiding in caves, waiting, waiting for a miracle. A drug, but no one would dare go to deliver it. So this is your chance to become a hero! The antidote to save the last remaining company, New York City and the ruins of humanity.

The ultimate racing adventure assembles a gun shooter on competition and is a part of this wonderful story. Behind the wheel of a powerful truck can be the best driver behind the safety, for their right to hit the finish line and all the obstacles on the way to the stand.

Game Features:

- Eye-popping 3D graphics
- 30 intense levels
- World 3 Apocalypse Then
- 3 different cars
- European racing and shooting range
- Download and play for free

DE hero gun driver, you can make a rough race will be taking a trip across the country to save the world wild. Focused and determined to win, as obstacles on the road you try to slow down.

If you are waiting for? The shine of the finish line awaits the shoot down the road obstacles in the racing world for its impressive driving skills as through rough terrain. Each of the three worlds is waiting to be saved and you have to hurry. You're in a feisty racing game that takes you to all the apocalyptic cases then can prove me to ten different options for each of the three folks. The right gun on the truck and handle the situation quickly persists much longer and remains intact. To achieve the goal of competing against the health and time, you need to fill your tank to survive.

Impressive Upgrade your car into the garage, how to customize it with your choice of weapons and armour. You run campaigns with his weapon you can buy it cash to improve the choice of weapons. Any area that you can buy some improvement since their resistance to the race, all the armour in the world to end. All updates are here to help you win the racing game and save the world. Or each mission to get stars and coins are also filled fuel tank is going to go shopping in the store full of coins. To make the most of your earned coin and soon you really want to buy an upgrade and you will be able to win the race.

Each of the three worlds with a variety of missions will enhance the streets being questioned. Such a truck racing game is always the way, only the strong are demanded and focused on the road before and you will win. Stars in each mission complete and earn a maximum of 100 coins for each of them. They play in the garage or spend a long time to earn more stars. If you have three cars updated with each of the three worlds, you will find many ways to spend money. Just to finish each world a safer vehicle focus on its ten missions.

You'll have to wait for long as the rider Gun Heroes Raging Blast your way and it's been all the obstacles out of the race for the finish line!

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