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Great Conqueror:Rome 1.4.6 Apk for Android [Paid]

for Android
Updated On:
Feb 10, 2020

Commander! Roman Republic and many powerful nations are masters of increased fighting in front of you. A war is imminent.
Rome you must have some power! Caesar, Pompey, the great commanders, including Antony, Octavian, and Spartacus to fight with you. Evidence of the birth of the big winner!

Campaign Status
Restore and full views of Rome, Rome historical battles such as Africa, a great empire stretches throughout Europe and Asia experienced hundreds develops.
Pyunik part of the battle hordes ** Lead, Spartacus revolt, the conquest of Gaul Caesar's civil war, civil war, Antony had experienced victory in Germany, expansion and development of the grandeur of Rome.
** Soldiers, war recruiting tools that cities built mighty fleet. Everything is under your control.
** Choose the secondary history to fight against the mighty Roman army, and tribal nations and the need to win a victory to change their fate.
** New technologies bring new vision. Technologies are stepping up research strength and victory.

Conquest Mode
British Isles Mediterranean, Rome, Egypt and Carthage, Gaul tribes of the Germans, denied the former imperial domination. Rome will conquer the world, or it will be defeated, and built a new state?
** Roman Empire period, the first three, Pyunik hundreds of years of war in the Roman Republic for the second trio of several eras.
** Draw explains enemy or friend, help a fellow war or aligned or neutral countries. Foreign policy is in the best interests of their country and choose to expand their territories.
** unstoppable tide of war. Among the growing cities, recruiting troops, strategy, technology and research results in your empire for the final victory.
** must be chosen in many countries, and the ability to conquer any world. Change their fate, and they move towards the size.

Campaign Status
Lead your army is sent to the strategies and tactics to defeat the forces of limiting the provision of a campaign, give full play to its unlimited combat skills and powerful foreign troops!
** There is a new challenge brings new gaming experience to the fold.
** The campaign comes with many hardships and dangers at every step. Continue to adapt your game plan and you will achieve the final victory.
** The best trophies of war and to achieve their uniforms winner.

Rome was not built in a day. The construction of the Colosseum and the Pantheon command to restore the past glory!
** final win rich rewards, tasks and other members of the Senate.
** their combat skills to train infantry, cavalry, archers and upgrading Navy.
War flag and can improve ** treasure with his generals and upgrade skills.


*** unique skills can be flexible to meet the commanders of Agriculture, and battlefield control.
*** Based Cloud Archive and the device can be synchronized to change to progress. Your collection security is protected.
*** Victory Ranking Mode gives Google Play support. Capture more areas with fewer and generals."

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