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Download Fitatu Premium Apk v3.33.1 for Android 2023

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V Team
v3.33.1 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 16, 2023
88 Mb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

Download Fitatu Free Calorie Counter to join over 10 million other pleased people who are shedding pounds worldwide!

Important features of diet apps include calorie counters, macro calculators, water trackers, food diaries, meal planners, weight loss trackers, water reminders, simple healthy recipes, and much more.

You may reach your nutrition, weight loss, and exercise goals with the free Fitatu app in just 5 minutes per day. You'll become leaner, develop a muscular physique, and advance your health. calorie and nutritional intake measurements.

Fitatu Main Features

Calorie Calculator/Food Log

  • NEW: swaps for carbohydrates - Fitatu now makes it much simpler to design a diabetic diet!
  • 39 vitamins and components, including omega 3, vitamin K, vitamin B7, fibre, salt, cholesterol, and caffeine (macro calculator), together with specific nutrition data (calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), are included in the all-in-one food journal and calorie counter tool.
  • Food and drink menus from restaurants, including McDonald's, KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut
  • Helpful measurements - e.g. packing, piece, glass, handful, slice, and spoon
  • the largest meal and food product database that is dietitian-moderated (100,000 new positions added monthly).
  • The simplest method for adding products and food to your food diary (by predicting what you eat often and in what quantity)

Database of Simple Healthy Recipes

  • Dietitians oversee this library of simple and healthful meal recipes.
  • simple recipe instructions with pictures
  • Make delicious food and shed pounds!

Additional noteworthy characteristics:

  • Chain-store-owned goods (e.g. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Lidl).
  • Scanner for barcodes
  • Calorie target with automated calorific value computation and determination of the ratio of proteins, lipids, and carbs (or insert your own values - macro calculator)
  • Your everyday objectives (option to set custom calories, proteins, fats and carb goals)
  • Use the calorie counter to determine the proper calorie, carb, and protein requirements.
  • Put up to 6 meals per day in the meal planner
  • Your personal meals and dishes
  • monitoring the intake of any nutrient throughout the chosen time frame
  • Calorie and nutritional data for the day, week, and month summarised (calorie counter)
  • list of groceries for a meal planner
  • Drink water with the water tracker and water reminder.
  • meals with the option of a meal reminder (easy fasting)
  • In the dark

Fitness Integrations:

  • Data import from the adidas Running by Runtastic and MiFit apps using the Google Fit app.
  • Data download from the Google Fit, Garmin Connect, Fitbit, Samsung Health, and Strava apps (connection configuration required)
  • Google Fit imports weight data from Fitatu

To lose weight (or gain weight), download Fitatu Free Calorie Counter today. It includes a macro calculator, food diary, diet plan, meal planner, weight loss tracker, water tracker, simple healthy recipes, and much more.

Fitatu Premium Features

Complete your daily goal

Fitatu Premium will help you meet the remaining need for calories and micro-elements on a given day. It will suggest appropriate meals or products.

New! Widget

Add a widget to your phone's desktop and stay updated with the amount of calories and macro left over to supplement the day. You can choose a mini version or the entire width of the screen.

No ads!

Choosing Fitatu Premium means using the app in an advert-free version. You will only receive messages about new functionalities.

Intermittent fasting

Our animated counter will help you get smoothly into the rhythm of your fasting periods and eating windows. It is also possible for you to have your own convenient timetable and handy reminders - all this leads you towards achieving your dream figure.

Access to all recipes

Over 2,000 additional recipes, including step-by-step pictures to help you make the meals quickly and easily. The base is systematically expanded with new seasonal propositions.

Other Features

  • Notes regarding well-being and health with original emojis
  • The fridge - searching for meals by ingredients
  • Net carbs
  • CU (Carbohydrate Unit), FPU (Fat-Protein Units) and their sum
  • The proper cholesterol level within arm’s reach
  • Reports from the product rankings
  • Goals for training days (a separate goal for each day)
  • Motivation
  • Data export
  • Monitoring the consumption of ingredients in any period
  • Smart shopping list
  • Summaries for periods longer than a month
  • Priority customer service
  • Menu in the Premium colour scheme
  • Copy day
  • Deleting the entire day

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