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Download Dolls Division APK v3.1.23 for Android 2023

App By:
Super H Game
v3.1.23 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 15, 2023
299.5 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

About Dolls Division APK

Are you looking for adrenaline-pumping combats? Get ready for the hottest encounters in Dolls Division! Explore a realm filled with irresistibly alluring vixens and emerge as the unrivaled Commander, crowned with might and power! Prepare to ignite the battleground like never before!

Key Features

Presentation and story

You are the leader of a thriving city-state when you find yourself under siege by highly advanced robotic forces from Gaia. You are left with a devastated metropolis after this devastating event. In this critical moment, pursuing peace becomes paramount, forcing you to make crucial decisions about defeating these formidable foes. While soaring through the skies, you find yourself on the verge of death amidst the chaos of battle.

Your life is saved by a captivating woman who patiently waits for your recovery. She breathes life back into your body and soul with her presence and beauty. Reports confirm the absence of the demon-king, but reveal a harsh truth: your city is in ruins.

You are solely responsible for rebuilding the city and ensuring your people's survival following these events. To accomplish this, you assemble an alliance of heroes who will stand by your side. Seduction also plays a strategic role in your plan, as it has the potential to sway partners and ensure their loyalty!

Objectives And Gameplay

Explore the world of Dolls Division through story chapters, quests, and daily tasks. Fortify your city and unlock new territories to earn abundant rewards. Increase your resource reserves by obtaining raw materials from the battlefield. Create an unstoppable force capable of obliterating the enemies within the city by relentlessly training your troops. You will have to deploy your armies strategically, enhance each hero's fundamental attributes, shower them with tokens of appreciation, and venture into uncharted territory. Your heroes will be empowered when you gather valuable items to amplify your military might!

Duration and difficulty

Focus on upgrading Unit levels and Institutes to speed up the restoration of your realm. Enlist powerful Mecha girls and advance their combat power through level advancements. Boost troop numbers and rapidly strengthen troop capabilities by increasing hero intimacy. During the battle, troops will mobilize in a top-to-bottom order, engaging enemies strategically. In a coordinated effort, defending forces will fight off attacking forces valiantly. In order to defend against enemy incursions, alliance reinforcements will take the lead. In addition, you can speed up your construction efforts by using mystical artifacts.

Elements of erotica

There is something irresistible about every girl, no matter who you choose as your partner. Through seductive interactions, they will captivate your senses and bring you unexpected surprises. You can unlock interactive H-content by upgrading your loyalty and skill levels in the Dolls Division! 

Figures and facts

It's a great combination of Anime-Style cards and SLG gameplay! There are unique mechanics and captivating storylines in this game! Lead your cyberbabes to victory by recruiting powerful girls! Discover an open world where you can build cities freely and unlock endless battle combinations! Explore a universe unlike any other!

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