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Always On Edge – Edge Lighting 🔥 5.7.4 Apk (Pro) for Android

6 MB
5.7.9 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 24, 2020

0% CPU usage always edge light, it was not a subsidiary of an app by app

To get notification information in addition to the light without light work area

Edge lighting and notifications, and aod and live wallpapers and screen corners are controlled remix with a lot more options, but the mask

Its main features

Lighting Application Method

  • Free (default)
  • Environment: When the system is aod AOE paved it
  • Instead of a custom screen (just the light without the box), but it has been closed aod
  • The standard method used
  • This permission form as is necessary to enable service AOE
  • AOE deaf people need to know that they mostly consider what information is really useful
  • It also uses less battery

Did it start as?

  • Myself, or when I want to open an app
  • Home and edge lighting Live Wallpaper lock screen
  • Automated, I always lock the screen at any time

  • When there is a message:

    • And the screen is off
    • And on the screen
    • As usual or off
  • Watch As always, there is a message on the edges
  • When I placed the device on charge
  • As an attachment, always observe the 10s every minute edge
  • When paired with the headset to listen to music
  • Always on the screens
  • When Cole
  • If open the Applications menu

Emoji Autumn animation

  • Information can be on the screen light bar
  • Manually (disabled) to switch the system to toggle between the data area and / or to enable others to pick by ()
  • For more information on each of the other apps, you can select the application and its color and lighting separated
  • Prevention programs anywhere at any time by pressing the volume button and choose the option of locking device and are never implemented
  • AOE away you icon in the notification bar
  • The option does not operate as a low battery state of charge
  • The option of running charge
  • Options for the Home button
  • Between the option to run applications like Bedtime
  • Pocket position, closed when it shows up in your pocket or down the screen, resume, if (more power)
  • SmartUnlock when I launch the device on a flat surface and open the screen (more power)
  • The landscape around the screen clock widget,

How does it close?

  • Close clean-up
  • Double-tap
  • Regional arrangements
  • Shmrtunlochk

Only widgets with more options for lighting:

  • Swipe Invisible Music Controller
  • Button Music Controller:
  • Always or only when the headset is connected

  • Show Time:

    • Watch Style
    • Clock default color
    • Watch secondary color
    • Watch Size
    • Watch date / sec / language
    • Watch Circular Background

  • Display notification icon:

    • The number of badges
    • Instructions clickable icons
    • Icon Size
    • Once the background
    • Color icon
    • Limit Marks
  • Show battery level
  • Application dim adjust screen brightness (to save power)

  • Screen wallpaper:

    • Gallery
    • Galaxy Light
    • Galaxy Full
  • Notch was not able to support all devices (but not automatic, and could not run on any device Android):
    • Cut height
    • Cut Width
  • You can look at the corners of the screen masks and mask Cut!

Edge lighting animation style:

  • Accidentally
  • Fixed with the great color flow (more power, 0% CPU usage)!
  • Follow
  • Flicker
  • GRUB

Make Edge Lighting:

  • Speed ​​Edge
  • Edge thickness
  • Coloring pages:
  • One Color
  • Two
  • Three
  • Try color waves (stationary style!)

To accommodate the edge of space,

  • Medium
  • Without space
  • Outskirts
  • Huge

Does the device adjust the screen angles?

  • Rounded corners
  • Slightly curved corners
  • Regular corners
  • Manual adjustment

Edge lighting can be activated/deactivated

Widget for your situation changes every X minutes

This app works on any device, but it's mainly directed to AMOLED screen devices 

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