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Crossout Mobile Apk + Data لأجهزة الأندرويد

51 MB | 642 MB
الإصدار: لأجهزة الأندرويد
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رجب 26, 1441

Create your own unique fighting machine and win in exciting PVP combat!

Crossout Mobile is a great post-apocalyptic action game that offers team fights in real-time.

Crazy Posts Apocalypse The world has turned into a giant battlefield. Fearless assailants fight for resources and supremacy in deadly armed vehicles. Create your own full metal monster and turn your enemies into junk!

  • Fight Team: Fight PvP for 6v6 players. The ruthless posts show who the best driver in the Apocalypse fight is!
  • Build Your Special Vehicle: A heavily-armed car, a nimble buggy or a low-purpose vehicle - create a ride that suits your style of play. Hundreds of parts and millions of combinations!
  • Special Damage Model: Shoot any part of the enemy vehicle - sink it or leave it defenseless. Except for your enemy!
  • Huge weapons: machine guns, rocket launchers, large-caliber cannons, and mini swans!
  • Factory: Engineer, Witchery, and others. Fight under the flag of apocalypse groups that reward you with new parts and special skills!
  • Amazing graphics: great impact, great scenery, and life after death.
  • Take first place: Apocalypse has to fight with real players from around the world for the right to be the bravest hero in the world.

Craft. Ride. Destroy!

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